Conversion Continues Unabated

A Hindu friend of mine (not close though) recently got married to a Christian girl and in the process got converetd to Christianity. I could not stop that and all I can do is manage to write this piece. I did not attend the marriage but I am sure scores of people particularly the friends of the couple would have thought "this love story had such a beautiful ending " and some people will even go to such a extent and claim "this is a true example which portrays that true love does not know religional divisions".

What more is laughable is in a country having 80% Hindus, these statements will be said by the same majority... What a shame?

Marital life succeeds best when the couple can understand each other in awkward moments. But in this case, the belief system changes completely to such an extent wherein, the brain which has been trained so far to respond to the calling of the name "Vasanth" should now only respond to "James Vasanth".

Many persons will have a habit to say "Rama" whenever they tend to slip. Can they soon after conversion say "Oh Lord Jesus". The moment a guy converts from Hindusim to Christianity just to marry the girl, does he not become a slave to the girl.
A lot has been written on this and so I would like to conclude with a question. Can a convereted Christian do the last rites to a Hindu father in Hindu way? Has he ever though about it?


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