Abhishekh Singhvi Condones Blackmail?

Congress spokesperson and Chairman of Parliament’s Ethics Committee Mr. Abhishekh Manu Singhvi was embroiled in a controversy related to a sex CD widely distributed among media persons. Mr. Singhvi said that the CD was a forgery created by Mr. Mukesh Lal who was formerly employed by him as his chauffeur. Mr. Singhvi thereby obtained a court injunction barring the media from publicizing any content from the CD because it defamed his reputation. He filed a police complaint against Mr. Lal for committing the forgery to defame him. Subsequently Mr. Lal confessed that he had committed the forgery. The two settled the matter out of court and Mr. Lal said that after the settlement he had been assured that there would be no further police action against him. 

Mr. Singhvi withdrew his complaint against Mr. Lal and in his petition stated:

“Lal said that he needs a very large amount of money or else he will start spreading false rumours and allegations against Singhvi, including false statements regarding his character and will go to the media and distribute a CD which allegedly depicts alleged sexual acts made allegedly by Singhvi and will not hesitate from making other false claims.” 

Is it not fair to surmise that the out of court settlement was made on the basis of this petition and a certain sum of money exchanged hands between Mr. Singhvi and Mr. Lal? If not, what were the terms of the settlement? It is truly astounding that a role model for legal probity in Parliament should openly settle with his former employee after being blackmailed. Blackmail is a serious crime. Mr. Lal even confessed to committing that crime by creating a fraudulent CD. 

Instead of punishing a person against whom there was this open and shut case Mr. Singhvi, a distinguished lawyer, actually settled the matter out of court by ostensibly accepting the blackmailer’s demands.

Since Mr. Singhvi claims he is innocent and the CD is a forgery, should he not have insisted on stringent punishment of the culprit? If he succumbed to blackmail to avoid embarrassment caused by a forged CD, his efforts were wasted. The CD was widely seen on the Internet.

What Mr. Singhvi has accomplished therefore is the virtual legitimization of blackmail as a weapon to embarrass innocent victims. What kind of example is the Chairman of the Ethics Committee of Parliament and the spokesperson of the ruling Congress Party setting for the public? 


More by :  Dr. Rajinder Puri

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Comment The real big picture is - these political rulers, and ESPECIALLY con-gres is taking the country to a new low, lowest of the low ever seen on the land called India, ever since civilization developed here.

And such 'small' incidents as described in the article are only indications. Govt is doing many such things OPENLY, thereby setting new trends of 'new lows'.

to elaborate the point further, consider how honorable Home Minister is sticking to chair despite proof of his involvement been provided in press conference by mr Swamy.
OR, despite clear indulgance of the PM, FM and HM in 2G scam, at least to the extent of abetment to this crime (their note exchange) they offer no excuse, leave alone stepping down from posts.
Or for that matter consider how Baba Ramdev and his fellow supporters were removed from the Ramlila ground overnight by lathi charge and subsequent 'official stand' by Delhi police that they were creating a law and order problem at site.
Or for that matter, consider how shamelessly this govt. claims that everything is good with China and continues to assit that country directly or indirectly despite China playing a role of real adversary in military matters, in political matters, in business and in international forum. this govt does not even care about national interests.
Or for that matter, consider how definition of 'poverty' is being changed so that in coming election they can claim that poverty has reduced in India.
And so on, I can probably go on to write another 10 pages.

And still we want to 'compare' UPA Vs NDA !!

But my question is - are elites in this country, especially journalists and editors unaware of all this. Why are they not putting a right picture in front of common man ?

Dinesh Kumar Bohre
24-Apr-2012 05:11 AM

Comment The third-rate spokesman for a rotten party has just tendered his resignation......the less said the better!

23-Apr-2012 09:56 AM

Comment Does anyone, in this age of selfishness, exchange something of value against something valueless. Most probabely not unless one or both the parties are inspired by altruism, which anybody can guess is not the case.

23-Apr-2012 03:47 AM

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