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Better Health through Ayurvedic Rejuvenation

Since humans first roamed the earth there have been oral and written stories of the quest to find the elixir of life - the Fountain of Youth. The Western biblical tradition tells of a Golden Age when people lived hundreds of years. In the East, there are stories of those who attained immortality, existing in magical realms. Are such stories, or the desire to be able to attain such a state of being, folly - mere vanity in the face of the truth of impermanence and death?

Surely, there are those whose lives have been rich and fulfilling in one way or another and who wish life didn't have to end so soon. Conversely, there are those who hold the opposite view: life has been full of sorrow and to die is a blessed final relief. For some the party ends too soon; for others the torment continues.

Can you remember the days when you were full of vibrant energy from sunrise to sunset? A holistic program of rejuvenation will bring back the body's natural energetic state making us feel young and energetic again.

According to most Ancient Healing Traditions, food only nourishes our gross physical layer. The subtle nature - our true essence or spirit, and therefore the most important part of our being, is left malnourished. Ayurveda teaches that if life is lived in accordance with prakruti (your innate nature) or basic body-mind constitution, then a natural youthfulness is maintained throughout life

According to Ayurveda and the wisdom traditions of the East, one's state of mind is what makes the difference. Ultimately, to feel youthful, rich and full of life is a state of mind. There are those who go from complacency to boredom in living out their lives and those who are ever-thirsty, ever-searching; young people in rockers in front of wide screen television sets and grannies in sneakers, exploring the pyramids. Highly effective methods of physical rejuvenation are found within Ayurveda, but there also is a mental or spiritual dimension that is viewed as an essential ingredient. If mental and spiritual flexibility and openness are not developed and enhanced, of what value is a more youthful body, except for the temporary relief or pleasure it provides?

Negative emotions are considered to toxic to our well being leading to physical illness. Decreasing our exposure to sensory overloads is a critical step in emotional detoxification. Unending mental dialogues are toxic to our mind. Some call it the drunken monkey mind syndrome. Spiritual Rejuvenation: The most joyful state is just to be, atoned, attentive, empowered and aware of our Inner Divinity.

Detoxification and Rejuvenation are serious components of Ayurvedic medicine. The methods offered can be quite extreme with respect to the demands it places on one's time and lifestyle, yet the rewards often outweigh the inconvenience. At the same time, as intimated, there are practices one can engage in that can give slow but increased benefits if practiced regularly and over time.

EExercises (Yoga & Meditation) from the Ayurvedic tradition that slow the aging process and, when coupled with quality diet and other first level health-giving recommendations, actually can reverse the aging process. With the use of basic or more advanced levels of detoxification and rejuvenation, they can have amazing results. If practiced in the morning, they get the body and mind up and ready to face the day. If they are performed in the evening, they help to relax one and smooth out the stresses and strains of the day.

Can you remember the days when you were full of vibrant energy from sunrise to sunset? Rejuvenation is essential to your vitality, creativity, happiness and inner growth. A holistic program of rejuvenation will bring back the body's natural energetic state making us feel young and energetic again.


Information provided in this article is for the sole purpose of imparting education on Ayurveda and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. If you have a medical condition, please consult your physician.


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