Russia Cautions US Against Military Strikes on Iran

Russia has once again cautioned the United States and its allies against any unilateral military strikes against Iran over its suspected nuclear weapons programme. The Russian Foreign Minister after the recent G-8 meeting observed that the dangers of United States and Israel military strikes against Iran seems to be very much a possibility when viewed against compulsions of election year politics.
Notably, Russia along with China have opposed United States and Western moves in the Middle East whether it is the case of Iran or Syria  where both countries are under severe pressure and threats from the latter camp.
The Russian Foreign Minister outrightly dismissed claims arising in Western circles that Russian moves on Iran arose from Russian policies of keeping the Iran crisis boiling so that the global prices of oil soared to above $ 200 per barrel with consequent political and economic gains for Russia.
Russia further pointed out to the United States and its Western allies that relentless pressures and unremitting economic sanctions against Iran would only force it towards acquiring nuclear weapons.
The above is a valid assertion by Russia in terms of strategic and military logic as a cornered Iran would be left with no choice but to have at its disposal a nuclear deterrent however asymmetric or rudimentary.
Iran is not a push-over small country which can be pushed around or whose national pride or national sensitivities can be trampled upon without fear of retaliation. Iran is a regional power of the Middle East in regional terms and this is a stark military reality that the United States and the West need to recognise.
The United States and Western media reportage on Iran and its nuclear programme carry official spins which paint Iran as a security threat to Middle East peace and stability. Hence the constant demonization of Iran as part of the Western psychological warfare campaign against Iran.
When these media spins and distortions are peeled off one is left with a perceptive impression that it is Iran which is a hapless regional power besieged by the United States and the West not because of any military threat potential but more arising from American strategic calculations focused on perpetuating Saudi Arabia’s regional pre-eminence over the Gulf Region and especially in terms of oil-politics which suits US strategic formulations for the region.


More by :  Dr. Subhash Kapila

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