A Pretentious Movie

I was more shocked than surprised when the audience gave applause to a recent Tamil movie after its end and that too in a city multiplex. This I haven’t come across even for a very engaging or entertaining film during at least the last two decades; indeed a rare experience! In fact, the movie in question stars a bunch of novices, written and directed by a one film celebrity. 

Well, the reasons are there. The movie already struck on two favorable points; critical acclaim and mouth publicity. An urban story, a smart but slightly lengthy screen play, a vital twist and an extended climax, the story based on certain present day realities seemed to have worked with the classes and masses. 

Notwithstanding the ‘realism’ factor, the story once again treads the same beaten track of the ‘poor and uneducated’ versus the ‘rich and educated’. The movie once again drives home the stale characters of virtuous village folk, spineless middle class, callous rich and corrupt police and politicos. 

How long, we, the Indians are going to beat around this bush?

In fact, most of the platform and slum dwellers are street smart, temperamental, volatile and mischievous. We are watching the police officer tampering with the witness and hoodwinking the gullible for the zillionth time. We have seen more than enough about sympathetic poor prostitute against the rich vicious society call girl. 

The movie once again unfortunately reiterated that the innocent and honest people will be punished and the middle class and rich can walk away free with any crime. It also shows the poor judiciary system prevailing in the society. 


When will we stop showing poverty as a virtue, affluence as villain, law makers as the law breakers and politicians as criminals and womanizers? Whether there is poverty prevails in this country or not but definitely the media is impoverished with new, positive ideas! 

I was equally shocked when I heard crude comments on the movie and derisive laughter among the youngsters in the toilet after the movie. 

Pretensions are more dangerous and it is superfluous to say that our country is surplus with such population. 

‘Vazhakku Enn 19/8’, the much acclaimed Tamil movie proves only that! 


More by :  G Swaminathan

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