Pampering Sportsmen and Film Stars

I am afraid that we, the Indians are going overboard in pampering the sports personalities and film stars. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister has announced a purse of rupees two crore for Viswanathan Anand for his consecutive victory for the fifth time of world championship. Great! What is the benefit India, or Indians, or the ever struggling poor people of India is going to get out of his victory? Well, there are sports enthusiasts who will argue that it enhances the pride of the nation! True, but have these people after pocketing so much money from the world and from their country contribute even a small portion for the welfare of the nation? 

Sachin Tendulkar’s personal projections, self interest and money making techniques are world famous. Notwithstanding, our undying cricket fans keep showering encomiums on the player who completed his hundredth century! By that has he brought down the number of farmer’s death in Maharashtra State, hasn’t he? 

The West Bengal Chief Minister, the supposedly simpleton Chief Minister has celebrated the most maligned and corrupt IPL victory with great fanfare and honored the players and actors with gold chain costing several lakhs to the exchequer. What sort of simplicity it is? 

AR Rahman, Mahendra Dhoni and most of the cricketers get lakhs and crores of money for their popularity. Abhinav Bhindra who is already a multimillionaire amassed more wealth because of his gold in Olympics. It is accepted that these luminaries have brought fame and name to the nation through their achievements. For that how much one can pay or get paid? Is it not enough if the President, Prime Minister or Chief Ministers call them for a private party and honor them? Should they be rewarded from the government which is always facing deficit budgets? 

India is ridiculously and condemnably servile and over indulgent in patronizing the film stars and sports personalities. I think an average Indian may even go without food and shelter but he cannot live without entertainment. 


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