When I Became a Fan...!!

He was muscular, well-proportioned and mesmerizingly amazing. His cute boy like face and light blue eyes were stunning.  And brilliant smile added cherries to the cake. I got swayed and lost.

Before anyone gets any wrong impression, let me clarify. I’m talking about the Australian actor Chris Hemsworth, who is best known for portraying  a superhero named ‘THOR – God of thunder‘ and had recently appeared in THE AVENGERS as the same. His action in the film, grace and arrogance were outstanding. His enthralling first appearance on the screen with big hammer, super cool attitude towards the cheering crowd and play boy smirk was quiet astonishing. The persona of his presence was extremely charming and attractive. But what captivated my interest was his costume. It was augmenting his muscles and toned body plus that red cloak and helmet- shaped cosmic cloud with wing like appendages complemented the actor’s look and the character to the fullest.

While I was already in the dilemma of what I just witnessed, another scene with Blue V-neck T-shirt and black jeans blown away my senses. What a breathtakingly gorgeous man he is..!! Although I’m not a huge fan of action movies but his action sequences with ‘mortals’ in order to reach hammer and regain his power were entertaining.  It was a doleful moment for me when after such an immense battle, he failed to regain them. But was glad to see that an arrogant immortal (now mortal) had emotions and sensitivity in him.

Despite of enormous troubles - Kicked out of his realm, stuck on earth as a mortal, completely unaware of his brother’s politics and father’s condition plus all those quandaries which were lined up in his way back home – Thor stood tenaciously against them and fought for his rights and in the end repossess his power and place in his realm with glory. And actor’s remarkable justification with the scenes and character made it all the more fascinating. The chaotic scenes and versatility in the role was quite a challenge, but he managed to pull it off well and painted the same level of fire, energy and vivacity throughout the movie- which is imagined to be in a god of thunder – and also presented the sentiments of remorse and love effortlessly. After watching the film, I can’t help but saying- He is the perfect choice for this role and I seriously don’t know when I became a fan..!! <3 <3

In order to show admiration for this Greek- god like man, I wrote a poem…

I smiled at his smirk, arrogance and attitude
Don’t know why, I found them cute..
Still trying to fathom
But these plethora of emotions
Clouding my acumen
I’m a fan of that I’m sure
What to do when
Someone has grace, charm and presence
Which can’t be ignored….!!


More by :  Prerna Singh

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