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This week’s episode of ‘Satyameva Jayate’ is, indeed, outstanding and this even a staunch critic of the program and Aamir Khan is bound to accept. When most of the normal common citizens like us keep grumbling and mumbling about the inadequacies and inabilities in life, the program showcased some of the poignant pictures of people who have achieved something significant notwithstanding the fact they are physically challenged. 

It is always said that when one faculty is disabled some other capacity becomes sharper. The Ski dived, Sai Prasad needs a wheelchair but has extraordinary intellect and courage and gone to US to study further after standing one among in the first five ranks in the college and a lucrative job at Infosys. The two gentlemen one young and another aged who lacked vision exhibited commendable sense of humor and kept the listeners laughing most of the time. A small girl with a terrible ailment of disfigured skin and impaired vision was full of compassion. A weight lifter flaunted his biceps though his legs were functionless. 

Every one of them present in the show proved that they are not ‘disabled’ but definitely ‘differently abled’. The whole presentation was directly recommending one important aspect of education that they also need to get admission in the normal schools with normal children. Amar Jyothi School at New Delhi is one where both abled and disabled study together. Dr Uma Tuli and Ms Seema Tuli of Amar Jyothi School have expressed their willingness to help other schools in creating infrastructure for educating both students.

One aspect came very clear in these discussions. The physically challenged people require more recognition than just lip sympathy. The education and jobs for many become distant dreams though some who have achieved like those who have come for the show. 

The show also showed the better side; ‘Family of Disabled’ that extends all help for the disabled and Ahmadabad’s ‘Design Mate’ company which employed a sizeable lot for their jobs were shown as examples of the positive approach taken by some of the enterprising souls. The last part came as an excellent finale with a stunning dance performance by a group of people who are physically challenged. The standing ovation at the end spoke on the quality of the performance and on the show as well. 

So the program highlighted three main aspects; the infrastructure, the education with the normal children and also the employment opportunities for the physically challenged. With these they can challenge the world with their abilities be it in academics, athletics or art. 

Yet, we see only those who have become successful in life; there may be another lot who might have been defeated too. However, that holds good for any human being. But, the speciality of the show was in infusing immense confidence for the differently abled and also a lesson to normal ones who needs to learn the importance courage and perseverance from such challenged but victorious citizens. 

The last five episodes were showing the darker and grey sides of life and lot of heart wrenching, tear shedding incidents were narrated. But, this episode was lively most of the time and also jubilant and positive. Aamir Khan’s anchoring was once again exemplary. 

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Comment Good to hear your comments Ms Preeti Shah, that Aamir Khan's program has inspired people like you through his effective presentation!

G Swaminathan

11-Jun-2012 22:23 PM

Comment I liked The episode Of Satyameva Jayate Very Much.Its Has Been Inspired ME very Much....So I hAve Decided To do Something For Disabled Peoples..So i am Starting From My Own House.I have An brother .He is 30 Years Old .He Is Dum As ws Well as deaf .As my bro is very talented in computers .i have decided to Make stand on his own hand.i will finding for him a he will be self employed and he will never under-estimate himself....i will be trying best for he can live his own life...thank you so much for inspiring me ...And i will be doning best for my Bro...Thak You very much...

Preeti Shah
11-Jun-2012 08:16 AM

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