Vajikarana Ghrita

In charaka samhita acharya charaka explains the method of preparing Vajikarana Ghrita (ghee processed with aphrodisiac herbs). This aphrodisiac ghee is recommended for persons who have low sperm count and low sperm motility. The method of preparation is explained below.

Newly grown dehusked Black gram (powdered) – 25 gm
Seeds of kapikacchu (mucuna pruriens) (powdered) – 25 gm
Shatavari, ashwagandha, Madhuyashti [Glycerrhiza Glabra.] (Powdered)– 3 gm each
Ghee (prepared from cow’s milk) - 10 gm
Juice of Vidari kanda (Pueraria tuberosais) – 10 gm
Sugar cane juice – 10 gm
Cow’s milk – 100 ml
Powdered Sugar candy – 5 gm
Honey – 5 gm
Long pepper powder – 1 gm

Boil Black gram, kapikacchu (mucuna pruriens), Shatavari, ashwagandha, Madhuyashti [Glycerrhiza Glabra] herbs in 650 ml of water. Boil till ¼ of water remains. Now add Ghee (prepared from cow’s milk), Juice of Vidari kanda (Pueraria tuberosa), Sugar cane juice and Cow’s milk to this and boil on a simmered controlled low heat . The mixture starts boiling and froth appears on top. Stir in-between to avoid charring of herbs. Put off the heat when ghee is completely prepared. (Ghee starts floating on top after frothing disappears). Wait till ghee is completely prepared. Now put off the heat. Add Sugar candy, Honey and Long pepper powder when the prepared ghee is at room temperature. Store it in an airtight container.

Medicinal properties of ingredients:

Black Gram: Black gram increases body energy level. It helps in conditions like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and low sperm count and motility. It relieves constipation, strengthens muscles and nerves. In women reduces excess menstrual bleeding and increases secretion of milk in lactating mothers.

Kapikacchu: Seeds of kapikacchu or mucuna pruriens help in disorders like erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, low libido and premature ejaculation. The alkaloids of this herb help to increase testosterone and strengthen nerves. It increases muscle mass and increases energy and stamina.
Ashwagandha, shatavari are known body strengthening and immunity boosting herbs.

Milk: Milk contains nutrients like protein, fat, mineral matter, water and lactose. It is rich in calcium and vitamins. It is the natural food of all young mammals. Milk is a reservoir of nutrients and forms an important ingredient of a balanced diet. As it is rich in calcium it makes our bones and teeth strong. It helps to nourish the body with high quality proteins and vitamins. Drinking milk everyday helps to keep our body fit. Daily consumption of milk increases libido, quality and quantity of semen and helps in erectile dysfunction. It helps to boost memory power and strengthens mind. Milk acts as an instant energizer and relieves thirst. The symptoms of bronchitis and cough get reduced by continuous use of milk. Persons suffering from gout are benefited by regular consumption of milk. Milk accelerates wound healing.

The medicinal properties of Vajikarana ghee is explained as follows “Icched akshayam shukram shephasashcottam” This preparation helps in production of healthy semen which is good in quality and quantity. The semen production will be unlimited. This preparation also helps in strengthening male genital organ and male reproductive system.

Note: This preparation should be consumed after consulting your family physician or a qualified ayurvedic physician.


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अशोक शर्मा
09-Nov-2020 09:08 AM

Comment I am 56 years old and suffering from ED (Impotence) since last one year.

I came across ayurvedic medicine Vrihani Gutika & Vajikaranama Ghritam.

Kindly suggest where can I buy these medicines. Kindly advice good ayurvedic medicine for ED.

Kersi Jilla
05-Jul-2015 07:00 AM

Comment Madam,

This is a good article. I kindly request you to suggest me a ebook on preparation & application of vajikaranas at home.

Thanx & Regards

Sunil Kumar Singh
01-Dec-2013 03:59 AM

Comment I am suffering from ED. I am 56 years old and started having ED about three years back but now I need to treat it. otherwise I am healthy and do not drink or smoke. Have slight blood pressure for which I take Amplopres-5 daily. Myblood pressure is now normal.

Kindly suggest medicine. I live at Mumbai.


04-Jul-2012 06:17 AM

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