BJP at Political Crossroads

India’s main Opposition Party, the BJP stands precariously poised at political crossroads. Contextually, BJP’s senior generation leaders should gracefully retire from active politics. More importantly, the BJP should dispense with its coalition with Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar and his JD (U). Both these steps will remove the heavy political millstones around BJP’s neck and free the BJP new generation like Gujarat Chief Minister Modi to galvanize BJP into a dynamic political fighting outfit. 
The people of India are yearning for a dynamic Prime Minister in the genre of Narendra Modi. Advani, Joshi and others of that BJP generation do not generate Indian public’s enthusiasm. A combination of Modi and Arun Jaitley should now be the public faces of the BJP for the 2014 General Elections.
The run-up to 2014 General Elections is going to be bitter and viciously contested with the ruling Congress Party expected to spare no stones unturned to ensure its victory by hook or crook. To counter a vicious campaign the BJP needs Modi to spearhead and strategize the BJP’s election campaign. This irrespective of whether Modi wins the Gujarat Assembly Elections or not. To Modi’s detractors both within BJP and outside the simple question that needs to be answered is as to how many elections did PM Manmohan Singh win?
Coming to BJP’s political coalition with the JD(U) Nitish Kumar and Sharad Yadav combine the less said the better. It is an uneasy coalition with both Nitish Kumar and Sharad Yadav acquiring larger than life political roles much above their political weight.
Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has a serious political clash of interests with Gujarat Chief Minister Modi as Nitish Kumar has nursed ambitions to be the Prime Minister of India; This by default as a political compromise candidate of the NDA against BJPs Modi.
Nitish Kumar has shown publicly his political disdain for Modi to safeguard his Muslim vote-banks. He is more of a natural ally of the Congress than a natural ally of the BJP.
Should even a Third Front be cobbled up in the event of a fractious mandate in 2014, it will not last long and the BJP led by Modi and minus the JD(U) should then step into the political vacuum.


More by :  Dr. Subhash Kapila

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Comment Less said is better. Nitish Kumar is a good choice for NDA, Narendra Modi is
a better one. I do not understand why Narendra Modi is discussed for 2014 elections. Congress has many cats in the beg--adarsh society and the like.
Narendra Modi is a hindu , he believes in hinduism and hindutva but he is not
antimuslim. After 2002 burning train riots broke out. His Government controlled it as it should be, some excesses did occur but it was part of governing game
(better than 1984 riots which Congress never mentions}.SIT has taken place
Story is known. Narendra Modi is known world over for what he is and what he
has done for Gujarat. Nitish kumar or Modi. NDA will lose not because of Congress but because of internal strife before 2014 elections. If it wins, it will have to choose its leader in the parliament --Nitish Kumar, Narendra Modi,
L K Advani, Jay Lalita or some unknown hero. Let NDA get united to win to
fulfill their promises and do away with Congress. We people want the change for the good of our Nation. Change for the better, always.

Pranlal Sheth
24-Jun-2012 00:05 AM

Comment Pseudo secularism shold be ruthlessly exposed and countered. Let good sense prevail in BJP and Modi become the torch bearer.

18-Jun-2012 02:56 AM

Comment Besides JD(U), BJP should also sever its umbilical cord with the RSS and dump the ideology of hindutva , if it has to emerge as an alternative to the Congress at the national level on its own.Fossilised ideology has no takers today.

G N Misra
17-Jun-2012 12:15 PM

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