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Many times I find the Indians’ views amusing. In the present milieu, we find several of my generation have gone and settled in the western countries mainly United States of America and also in places like Canada, United Kingdom, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand etc. However, they have well settled and their wards are born and brought up there and lead lives of a foreigner on certain aspects and Indian in some personal traits. There is absolutely nothing wrong in it. One has to be Roman when he is in Rome. 

But, those parents who have lived their major part of life here and who have their wards gone and settled there and who enjoy foreign jaunts once a year or more frequently come with those ‘amusing views’ I have mentioned. A recent article in a leading newspaper prompted me write this. 

They invariably give full marks for the cleanliness, orderly traffic, calmness and tranquility, richness of the sprawling homes and other material comforts. They always praise the clean air, water and pollution free ambience. The spic and span of the public places, richness of food items, grandeur of the malls and shopping arcades and the luxury of the cars will never be missed in their essays and conversations. 

But, you will be tempted to ask ‘Good, why don’t you too become another immigrant through your ward?’ 

Oh, yes. At that time their patriotism will come to the fore. They will immediately say that in spite of every luxury and comforts, they miss the ‘home in India and its beauty full of art and culture’.

What is that they miss there? The noisy dirty roads, chaotic traffic, nosey people, polluted water and air, frequent power cuts, sweltering heat, corrupt politics, worthless demagogues by the leaders, adulterated food items, dirty atmosphere, stinking roads and neighborhood……the list may go endless. But the balancing points, according to such good souls, are family affection, friends, classical music, dance, temples and gods, their favorite shops for cheap buys, anything one can get at an arm’s length (nowadays all residential areas are converted into business places!) and above all cheap food items. 

A famous writer cum journalist had mentioned once that her son who is a leftist in principle but had gone and settled in the USA and not in Russia or China. Great! 

So what all these convey? For me only one thing; it is another expression of the double standard and hypocrisy of Indians. They need to take care of the NRI accounts of their children in India, buy properties here and take care of them by frugal living. Even if it luxurious, it is not going to cost them as it would be in the USA. 

I could precisely conclude only one thing; all these highly ‘cultured, art loving, educated and enlightened people’ want American Dollars as salary in Indian living conditions of art, culture, family and above all with total indiscipline. Period. 


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Comment Thanks Mr Mandan for accepting the TRUTH and FACTS

G Swaminathan
30-Jun-2012 22:41 PM

Comment This question shall remain always. You have expressed what many parents (We are one of the many) have felt.There are many parents who have accepted the citizenship(or Green card) or there are others who come once a Year and then go back. Parents who earn here have reason to stay long with the help of USD but others cannot survive even if they live with their sons or daughters who are married here. It is difficult for them to live with high cost of living, medicare and other requirements.In the end Apna Desh to Apna hi hoota hai.

Suresh Mandan
29-Jun-2012 15:54 PM

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