Spoof: Will President Mukherjee Resign?

New Delhi, June 26, 2015:
According to well informed sources there are indications that President Pranab Mukherjee is seriously contemplating resignation. Events after the recent fire in the Law Ministry office that destroyed the original copy of the Constitution and all Law papers related to it have led to this development.

It might be recalled that although there have been 27 fires in different departments of the government which destroyed all valuable files and records since the fires first broke in the offices of the Finance Ministry, the Maharashtra Secretariat and the Home Ministry in 2012, the latest fire is considered to be the most damaging. Former Law Minister Mr. Salman Khurshid opined that no real damage had been done by the fire because there are many copies of the Constitution freely available. However the present Law Minister Mr. Hasan Ali has rubbished this claim. He stated that without the original authenticated version of the Constitution all present laws stood annulled and Parliament remained supreme to act as it might.

Mr. Hasan’s view was strongly endorsed by the Home Minister Mr. Chhota Rajan. This in turn led President Mukherjee to state that the matter needed to be discussed further. The President’s statement reportedly has infuriated Prime Minister Dawood Ibrahim who described it as unwarranted interference in the affairs of the government. Taking the cue from their leader many members of the ruling party which enjoys a brute majority in parliament are threatening to impeach the President.

The Prime Minister has not as yet given his mind to the matter because he is still preoccupied with finalizing the many deals for Indian investment in foreign markets. This may take some time because India’s mammoth dollar reserve, the largest in the whole world, renders finalization of such deals most urgent. Meanwhile, thanks to the endeavors of Finance Minister Telgi the quantity and quality of US dollars printed in India continues to excel the printing of US dollars in America. 

Close advisors of President Mukherjee are advising him to resign before any impeachment proceedings are initiated. They urge him this on grounds of security. Impeachment would compel the President to appear in person in the House. That according to the President’s advisors would be dangerous.

It might be recalled that ever since Lok Sabha Speaker Mr. Chhota Shakeel lifted the ban on MPs to carry weapons there have been three gun fights between members inside parliament. According to reliable sources the President has still not decided whether to resign or face the threat of possible impeachment.  


More by :  Dr. Rajinder Puri

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Comment !! "New Delhi, June 26, 2015" !!

I take this article rather seriously and probably every other reader would.

Rajinder Puri ji, this article in the background reflects the present state of mindset of the rulers, the UPA and the Congress.

I want to ask, would you consider writing this article back in year 2003 ?

Where has this UPA govt taken us to ? We were dreaming and talking about developed India by 2020 in year 2001, 2002, 2003 ...

And we are now scared of a mafia-like govt in place in year 2012 !

Can we somehow differentiate between the BJP and the Congress on the direction they take the nation to ?

(and stop equating them despite the fact that corrupt politicians are found at both camps, because there is much more than simple corruption endangering our future).

Dinesh Kumar Bohre
25-Jun-2012 10:14 AM

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