Desecration of Goddess Lakshmi

The news items ‘Currency notes fished out of Guwahati wetland’ (The Hindu, dated June 26) and ‘Torn notes found in Tiruchi bin’ (The New Indian Express, dated June 24) show the atrocious conditions prevailing in India.

The public and the politician every instance and every second keep crying that we are ‘POOR’ country and millions of people are living below poverty line. In the same country, a host of rich people seems to have stashed 1250 crores of rupees in Swiss Banks. The scams and corruptions worth runs into lakhs of crores of rupees. India boasts of the Indian industrial tycoons in Forbe’s list of top ten rich people in the world. India is considered to be the biggest importer of gold and we always read in newspapers someone or other getting arrested for smuggling gold into the country. Indian farmers continue to commit suicide because of the burden of unending debts. We also read currencies being smuggled into the tip of South India from the far end of Pakistan. 

India must be the only country in the world where ‘Money’ is considered as ‘Goddess Lakshmi’ and constantly pray for her benefaction! Then does it not amount to desecration of the Goddess by tearing her to pieces and throwing her in slush?

Yet, in between, we are stumped by news flashes above where the ‘most wanted and needed’ currency notes of rupees 1000, 500 and 100 were found ‘torn, damaged and bundled’ or found ‘floating on the wet land’ which were once again picked by ‘The Poor’. Fake or real, why not those who have dumped it like damaging and throwing, distribute it to ‘the Poor’? After all, our government itself has accepted the circulation of fake currencies throughout the country.

Unquestionably, we can take one more credit also that India is the worst lawless country in the entire globe. 


More by :  G Swaminathan

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