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Laughter the most relaxing and non-aging exercises!

All exercises done in a technical way with consideration as far as breathing is concerned helps tremendously, physically and mentally. More rhythmic exercises on breathing which helps to increase the breathing capacity of a person and relieves tensions are termed “Pranayamas”. These exercises can be done at anytime of the day, taking care to have a gap of nearly two hours  after meals. They give body a feeling of ecstasy and peace.

If done regularly the breathing exercises help to create more positive effects in life. The charm of living a true life comes to surface. The life pattern becomes more rhythmic, devoiding all the ebbs and tides, the effects and after effects of it.

Regardless of the age, yoga can be done under the supervision of the technical instructor initially. The day you start becomes the first day of the rest of your life. It is fun to see and feel the fullness of life hence after.

The spam of life is not valued in terms of the longevity of life but is s the quality of life pattern that you have lead with relaxation. This is the best acquirement. But to start to achieve that stale would be a stepping stone to success of life.

The true technique of yogas lie in the relaxing the tired body and mind. To relieve tensions is the utmost goal of this pattern to work out, as compared to aerobics, gymnastics and all the types of hazardous methods of working out to “keep fit”.


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