Shame on All!

Any conscientious Indian citizen would not know whether to laugh or cry after watching Aamir Khan’s this week edition of ‘Satyamev Jayate’ on Untouchability in India. India has to feel ashamed about many things but this one is the most important in the sense that with all our so called cultural and philosophical credits and even after sixty five long years of independence and practising Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s ‘Socialistic Democratic’ pattern of society the curse of social discrimination is still prevailing. 

In quick flashes some of the city citizens replied that ‘where is untouchability?’ and said it has been completely erased from the society and one even asked ‘who has the time for that?’ Indeed, valid points. But, the show showcased the lament of a Dalit Sanskrit professor of Delhi University who said that notwithstanding her education and position, discrimination is still meted out by her. A film by a movie maker Stalin wiped out the myth that untouchability is not in other religions. Good! Let our secular press and media make note of this! 

The innumerable matrimonial advertisements inserted by the elite and educated still speak of the average Indian’s love and affection for his even sub caste, caste, creed, society etc. The endless love stories of the love blossoming between two different community or caste people being driven around the bend, punished or ostracized have been shown in many movies. Today’s generation and the public very well know that the blood has four groups and Indian human race also fall into four categories. They are only ready to accept the blood in case of emergency and think a lot before accepting the other for matrimony. However, while taking bribe caste hardly finds its place; money is the biggest leveler of all inequalities. That is why the government of India has displayed Mahatma Gandhi’s face in the currency. Vote bank politics in this sacred land called India is a highly thriving business.  

The government and political parties are busy in fighting for the rights of the underprivileged to get college admissions, government jobs, freebies or benefits from the government. So we also see while the men who really carry the human excreta are punished by the God and Indians, those who could produce false certificates reap the benefits in all possible ways from the government. What a shame!

I am not sure whether anyone will get educated by this particular episode; but I am sure everyone who had participated and seen the program should have definitely felt the horrible stench of this ‘stinking society’ when they have watched the eloquence of Mr. Bezwada Wilson of Safai Karmachari Andolan in the end.


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Comment infrastructural facilities are still not enough..most of the villages and towns have no gutter-sewage facility even today....our priorities r different...we proud for our ancient drainage system seen in mohan-jo dero...we have to make our own definition of development...western definition is not good for us....
2. reservation system should be income based-based on economic criteria-not caste base....which remid student every year that he belong to specific caste.....why???? for vote bank ...what we r doing and where we r going ...we dont know....what is the effect of it on a child...on his is the subjectof research-phd.......we have to think on this line.......

Bhupendra Mody
12-Jul-2012 22:57 PM

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