Do Your Duty and Little More

Once upon a time there was an old cottage on the highway road of US suburbs. A very old man was a manager of the small cottage. He was very honest, caring and hardworking man. He was very punctual towards his job and used to manage the cottage very nicely. 
One day there was a heavy snowfall, all the roadways were blocked and lot of people came to the cottage and stayed in the rooms to spend the night. The cottage was flooded with people and there were no more rooms vacant.

The manager did his work and was going to bed at night in his room. But at the same time a very old couple came to the cottage and asked for the room. They were very tired and shivering from the cold due heavy snowfall. The manager saw their conditions and felt very helpless because all the rooms were already given to the customers. He thought for some time and called a bell boy at the counter. He asked him to make manager’s room neat and tidy. He allotted his own room to the old couple to spend the night and he spent the whole night at counter. 

Next day the old couple gave lot of thanks to the manager and went to their town.
After five years of the above incident, there was a vacancy in a five star hotel of London. The owner of the hotel instead of giving an advertisement in the newspaper,  called this manager for the post of General Manager and offered him a salary of 100,000 US Dollar per month with an accommodation and a car. The owners were the same couple who stayed at night in the small cottage.

The moral of the story is always do your duty and little more because we don’t know how and when opportunity knocks at our doors.


More by :  Vikas Yadav

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