Waiting for the 'Rahul Miracle'

We, the Indians live in a highly different world. The Nehruvian ‘Democratic Socialistic’ pattern of governance insidiously promote only monarchy in the name of the above fancy name christened by late Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. 

Well, the entire country and the media are eagerly now waiting for the entry of the prince Rahul Gandhi to enter the government, (in all probabilities as the Prime Minister of this massive democracy!) create wonders and wipe out the ever existing ‘poverty’ of this nation. 

To the best of my political understanding of this country, the media reports and discussions, I have understood Rahul Gandhi can be termed as the most evasive politician while the wards of the other ministers who are much younger to him have already taken the mantle and assumed offices and performing (!). Rahul Gandhi seemed to be waiting for the right time after visiting as many villages as possible in the northern parts of this nation to understand the living conditions of the people, shared their misery and grievances and planning for a long time plan to remove them. 

We do not really know which ministry he is planning to take up, or how he is planning to deal with the officials to create an impact on the Indian administration. However, every average Indian must be happy that finally the Prince has accepted to ascend the throne given to him and to take up ‘some’ responsibility instead of roaming around to strengthen the vote bank for Congress. This also after enough pressure has been applied from all sides of the senior party members and above all his mother who is in charge of the Congress Party.

So now we expect the disinterested, elusive, evasive and non committal Rahul Gandhi to take up an important portfolio and function for the benefit of the country. The major qualification he holds is that he belongs to the Nehru clan and the son of Rajiv Gandhi. We do not know what sort of dreams and plans he has for a brighter India. Therefore, he is bound to create wonders. I am sure for the first six months or one year every act of his will be publicized, discussed, appreciated and considered as wonders by the media and the public. Criticism may start only afterwards. 

Let us wait for the 'Rahul miracle' to happen and change the destiny of this ancient land called India. 


More by :  Devavratan Kaundinya

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Comment Now that the people know that dynastic rule (in real terms we are presently under one) has not delivered their needs, the Congress party and the Crown Prince may vanish into history in 2012. If this does not happen, that will be a miracle.

27-Jul-2012 08:09 AM

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