Fighting Negative Forces!

I many times do not understand that people expect good and virtuous people to continue doing their useful and beneficial works to the society and country facing all odds and obstacles, including the wrath of the criminals, corrupt, deceptive, inhuman, fundamentalist and the like negative forces.

Is it possible to cleanse the Ganges when simultaneously effluents and drainage are flown into the river? And why only "good" people should do that? What about rest of the people or citizens? They happily support and are enamored by the "riches" of the criminals, the corrupt and the exploiting persons. They admire the wealth amassed by these thieves and cheats. They are enslaved to the glamorous and romantic lives of these criminals.
Now a days the corrupt, criminals, cheaters, politicians all are one and the same and are looting the nation of its natural resources, name, prestige and every thing a country can be proud of. They do not have any shame and say that they are only accused and are innocent till convicted. And shamelessly roam around and resume their criminal activities with impunity.
They do not have any love for the nation. They laugh at patriots or people who talk about good of the nation and welfare of the citizens. Their only aim is amass illegal and immoral earnings and deposit them in here and there banks.
What they do with those "thousands" of crores of rupees is a mystery.
Under these circumstances why only "good" people should fight these hardened, cruel and worst criminals? These criminals are ready to and are physically eliminating the good and the virtuous people when they point out at these criminals and are instrumental in these fugitives get caught doing the criminal activities.
Unless all society or nation fights these idiots and rascals and scoundrels, they cannot be fought or punished or eliminated. Criminals and corrupt and fundamentalists do not vanish and there is no magic wand to make them vanish. Let us face their rock and roll and live happily with them around us and stop dreaming that evil will be removed automatically.
Harboring such evil persons is our bane. Let us enjoy our modern or old life styles unmindful and ignorant of realities. When we are dreaming the criminals are ruling every sphere. Just by wishing nothing happens; one must resort to action. Even lion has to go and hunt for its food. The animals do not on their own come and fall in the mouth of the lion. Let us be wise and practical. Negatives forces are eliminated when we stop admiring them and fight them together. Until then let Rajs, Kalamdidis, wily corporates, fundamentalists and like evil forces have the grip over us, our lives and last laugh.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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