Love - The Best Four Lettered Word

I have always been out of love and hardly in it. When people say 'I am in love' I'm not quite sure. We can be in love every moment, with our work, nature, family, and friends, anything and anyone. We can be in love with our pets, cats or dogs. In fact we can be in love with our enemies as well. There are people practicing this precept and they are not only good Christians but they may not be Christians as well.

Gandhiji according to Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru loved people individually as well as in masses. What was the connotation of that statement? It perhaps meant that Gandhiji loved the human race in abstraction as well as people individually, whom he loved, whom he respected and knew. In fact, many people are of the opinion that Gandhiji was more Christian than many who professed the word.

Love is not an utopia, it can be lived every moment in our lives, conflicts can be overcome by the sheer power of love.
When Graham Staines and his two children were brutally murdered in Orissa his wife Gladys Staines said that she forgave the perpetrators of the heinous crime. That is love at its height, which is really practicing the Christian precepts of love and forgiveness.
In our individual lives we have many conflicts especially in relationships. We love people in one moment and in the next fleeting moment we despise the same person. That is because our actions are guided by motives and when these motives fail then relationships crash like the dollar or the stock market. The fact is that human relationships cannot be measured in terms of commodities and are not transact-able. But this is what we do. We make out relationships as transactions and that is where we fail, there can be love in transactions they can only be guided by motives and what is gainful.
As Bertrand Russell once said relationships end when a person simply loses interest in the other person. But love can still remain in a true idealistic sense. E.M.Forster valued personal relationships giving it three cheers because he thought that its fountain head was love. 
Love is not an utopia, it can be lived every moment in our lives, conflicts can be overcome by the sheer power of love. It is the best four lettered word that we can have in our lexicon, the most powerful and the most insightful. Yet it is perhaps the most difficult to apply in our daily lives. Love and romance may be identifiable but romance is not necessarily love. For love, we have to introspect, we have to plumb the depths of our being, and we have to introspect. Only then can we in full measure understand the apocalypse of love.


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Comment Love to me is outcome of feelings expressed in so many ways.Feeling is however is abstract, everyone does not necessarily feel the the same way for similarities.
One sided love is Utopian though love thy neighbor is catholic if you don't mind.
Hatred is not necessarily antonym for love- rather pent up demand and unsuccessful or unfulfilled feelings of love.Love is at the core of the crater its expressions could be fiery,smokey .Love is glorified as mirage is lease of life in the desert.

Debabrata Deb
21-Jul-2012 01:49 AM

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