The usefulness of Inactivity

There is no human activity which is not useful to society. Many modern uninformed self-proclaimed rationalists and the like say seers, sages, monks like spiritual persons are not useful to the society. They even criticize them to be lazy fellows. 
If they talk like this about fake babas, ammas, aanandaas like "professional" "Gurus", it is meaningful. But they pour their criticism on seers, sages and monks too.
These "rationalists" should know that the mere presence of the genuine spiritual teachers or persons sans any apparent "social activity" even, is useful to society as the mere presence of Sun is enough to make all of us awake, start doing our daily activities, and for the whole world to be active and lively. The mere presence of Sun makes leaves do photosynthesis and provides light and heat necessary for all our sustenance and activities. 
Sages and seers are like magnets. Any magnetic material which comes under their "field" or fold or proximity will get attracted and changes take place within such "matter". If we are not made of such magnetic stuff we will remain as we are even if we enter their field. The wood can never be magnetized whatever intense the magnetic field is.The stuff with which we are made is, important, significant and essential for us to get attracted and benefited by these magnetic personalities full of compassion, love, peace, wisdom and humanism.
A rock just gets heated up and gets cooled in the presence and absence of the sun, where as a plant becomes a huge tree by receiving the same light and heat.
Every human activity and "inactivity" and mere presence of sages and seers will be beneficial and useful to society.
Spirituality is pervasive and useful as air, though unseen by normal eyes.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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