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The Dark Knight Rises is yet again a magnum-opus by Christopher Nolan, beautifully created, marked by detail of details, captivating throughout and no loose ends. It takes the last two landmarks (Batman Begins and The Dark knight) to an amazing conclusion and paves way for two new characters for a possible sequel i.e. Catwoman and Robin. The climax is remarkable - a spectacular ending and it gives a hangover to the viewer for quite sometime.

Bane is a powerful villain, we can't help comparing him with The Joker (The legend) and he would certainly fall short ... however his prowess has overtaken our very own hero The Batman - which I believe is always the prime idea of the director, that the villain must be superior to the hero (Antagonism over Protagonism), thus Bane has brought justice to his character. His voice and his built are appealing, last but not the least Bane's mask is another attraction.

The reason behind the student turned psychopath 'James Eegan Holmes' shot 12 people dead is not that he was sick or didn't get a job after his research but it was the powerful inspiration derived out of The Joker and Bane. These are such powerful characters (supervillains) that they can mould any immature brain and enforce it to be one of them.....

Nolan's superviillains are all time hit thats for sure! Nolan is an amazing director and Stanlee is the true father of superheroes - I now understand his characters better. Hans Zimmer is a legendary musician - I still wonder how a musician can create a symphony that actually matches to the meaning of the movie, the background score in the movie (i.e. Bane's entry theme and the meaning of the title 'The Dark Knight Rises) is parallel to the action and the screenplay. All in all its just amazing! The climactic ups and downs are thrilling and they take you to and fro like a roller coaster, the end is epic, I'm sure it will bring a positive smile on your face for sure!

Bahut dimag lagaya hai movie me sach me, make sure you have seen and understood the first two parts thorougly, only then you will be able to grasp the essence ..........the rating should be 5 on 5 watch it you'll not regret not expect too much of action just expect sense and rationality. Bahut dhyaan se movie dekhna or koi scene miss nahi karna to apko movie or acchi lagegi! NOTE: Rowdy Rathoure, Dabbangg, Bodyguard, Singham - jin logo ko acchi lagi thi wo yeh movie na he dekhe to behtar hai, its a review based on personal experience so enter the theatre at your own risk .....dont look for me after the movie : p DJ :)


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