Why London?

"I am going to London" my friend declared.
"For what?" I inquired a little naively, I thought. "Is it to see the Queen?".
"Stop your banal jokes" my friend retorted. "Don't you know, London is one of the most important capitals world. It boasts of heterogeneity, a cosmic and multiplicity of cultures. Moreover it is a historical city".
"So what?" I quipped. "How does it justify your going there?"
"Can't you see" my pertinacious friend explained. "Everyone is talking about London. Look at the newspaper reports, articles it is London, watch the Television, it is London..."
"Oh" I remarked. I wasn't following the news, let alone London. "But why is London, in the news?". Once again I thought I was being naive.
"Because, my dear friend" he said: "London is a surrogate of Washington DC"
"But how does that affect you?" I asked.
"Why, don't you know that very soon the Olympics will start there?"
"So you want to go and see the Olympics is it?" I inquired.
"Yes of course it is a grand gala event and so many Indians are participating in it this year, the newspaper is full of it. It is exciting, it is vulnerable and it has all the ingredients of an adventurous event".
"So do you think the Indian contingent will come out with flying colours?"
"I don't know if they will fly but certainly they will splash a lot of colours. India has come a long way since the last Olympics and also the first. Now we can expect at least one Gold Medal, four Silvers and five Bronze".
"Why, my friend" I said. "Even if this comes true we will be ahead of certain countries".
"Countries? such as which" he asked.
"Why Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Taiwan, Mongolia" I replied.
"Then why go to London?" he said and heaved a deep sigh.


More by :  Ananya S Guha

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