Blame Games!

Whenever I hear of another bomb blast, I say blast me, blast me whoever you are God or Devil. Then of course there is the hysterical Breaking News. News seem to be 'broken' everywhere. The sensationalism, the marauders who are involved here in such activities, the speculations as to who they are, the first  and perhaps the last surmise and bet will fall on the Muslim and Islamic terrorists). They are called terrorists, not militants or extremists mind you. 
Like the common man or woman in North East India, the average Muslim too in India is caught between state militarism and terrorism, or militancy, whatever we may like to call it. In India nomenclature matters only as far as exciting the emotions go.

The grisly episode in Pune might not have cost lives, but it is a grim reminder of the past, and what could continue to happen in the future. I think in such instances it is the responsibility of both the state and central governments to tell us clearly what happened, who are the possible culpable people involved, exactly how many have been injured and dead, not fiction, but fact, and what are the preemptive measures to be taken, to infuse a sense of security among the people.
I am sure the Indian public are fed up of the blame game, and whipping feelings against particular communities. That is why the BJP was peremptorily thrown out of power. The common Indian wants to live in peace with Hindus, Muslims and Christians. The 'uncommon', 'unargumentative' Indian wants chaos, and their numbers are substantial in a population of over six hundred million!
There is no method in our madness today, whether it is extremist attacks, religious fanatics, and a burgeoning breed of politicians who do not care for the country.
The individuals who stand out as people with probity, few in number of course are clubbed together in this bandwagon of accusation and counter accusation.
Opposition parties in a parliamentary system of democracy, have a role to play as well, in governance, not simply to blame. If they are so sure of all the mistakes, they must come up with a solution, or solutions, as the case maybe and address the Nation directly.


More by :  Ananya S Guha

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