Ten Tips for a Healthy Weight Loss

Of late everybody is aware of health risks due to obesity. News papers, Health magazines, TV shows are overly stuffed with advertisements on numerous weight loss diets and fitness routines. This makes it difficult for people to chose the right weight loss and fitness program.

The weight loss routine should be programmed keeping many points in view. The occupation of person, age, health ailments (if any), gender, calories to be burned per day, food habits, addiction etc are few important factors to be considered.

Weight loss regime is a long program. This has to be included in daily routine. Men and women should get used to this program to maintain healthy weight lifelong. Following are beneficial tips which can be easily incorporated in our daily routine.
  1. With the help of a physician or fitness expert decide how much weight you have to lose. This will be calculated according to a person’s age and height .The optimum weight, to keep the body fit can be calculated with the help of BMI charts.
  2. Plan a weight loss program based on the amount of weight to be shred. Spread this plan over a couple of months; so that the weight loss program easily get incorporated in your daily routine, without disturbing your work, energy and family environment. 
  3. Stress increases the level of cortisone (stress hormone) in body. Stress hormone is one of the causes for stress induced obesity. Include stress busting methods like deep breathing exercises, meditation and yoga in your daily routine. Reduced stress level helps in low cortisone level and help in weight loss. Dedicate 15 to 30 minutes daily for stress busting activities. 
  4. Increase your physical activities in home and at office. Climbing stairs instead of using lift. Getting up from chair and moving around instead of moving on wheeled office chairs. Walking around the corridors of office during Lunch hour. Parking the vehicle little away and walking to office. Gardening in week ends. Playing outdoor games with children etc are few regular physical activities which can be easily inserted in our daily routine. 
  5. Apart from these fix a particular time of the day compulsorily for exercises. A 30 - 45 minutes of brisk walk is enough in a day. If you are an employee working in shifts plan your exercise and diet every week. Dedicating 1 hour daily for exercises and stress relievers help to keep your body in good health. 
  6. Drink plenty of water. Our body needs water to carry out all functions. Keep aside soft drinks and sugary juices. Replace them with fresh clean water. Water helps to eliminate toxins and rejuvenates the body. 
  7. Strictly say no to fast foods, deep fried foods, sweets, bakery snacks and ice creams. Let fresh fruits, raw vegetable salads, almonds, vegetable juices and whole grain biscuits occupy their place. 
  8. Keep cheese, paneer, butter and ghee at bay. Instead use fresh home made sauce, grated vegetables, sprout pastes and chutney. Always keep a good stock of fresh vegetables and fruits at home. 
  9. Stick on to two meal per day routine. Have planned meal in morning and noon. Avoid heavy food at night. Consuming a bowl of soup and a fruit at night is ideal. Avoid snacking in between. Try to use as less sugar as possible with tea and coffee. Reduce the frequency of consumption of tea and coffee. Stick on to home made food. 
  10. Take an active part in sexual life. Increased sexual activity can burn more calories than regular exercises. Active sexual life helps both men and women to look young and energetic. Keep in mind that obesity directly hits your heart, sexual life, fertility and blood sugar level. Obesity makes a person look old for his or her age. We wish you a happy weight loss routine.


More by :  Dr. Krishna R.S

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