My friend looked very relaxed. He put down the newspaper calmly, looked up and inquiringly, the epitome of politeness. I smelt a rat, in fact many rats, I knew he had something up his sleeves.

'So?' I asked. 'What now?'

I was wondering what bombshell he would drop, India's performance in the Olympics?

'Well, well, Team Anna is going to join politics, the best decision the Indian polity has taken after independence'.

I winced. I was not so sure about such an oracular statement. Anyway I don't have a very good grasp of Indian politics, I think it is mainly guided by expediency.

'But' I said: ' He says he won't join nor form a party'.

'But the others have said and they matter'.

'But I thought he was and is their leader?' I countered.

'Fool don't you know he is like Gandhiji. He will support the party but won't politically be a part of it. Didn't he say that this is the second independence movement?'

'You can't be a second Gandhi', I retorted.

'But there can be a second independence movement".

'What is it for ?' I asked naively.

'For honesty and anti corruption, and he is the Gandhiji now'.

'But why did they not announce it earlier, instead of whipping up all that fanfare, targeting individuals, politicians and political parties?' I asked with a touch of theatrics.
'Don't be foolish' he snapped. 'That was the right thing to do, create a mass movement, a base and join politics'.

'Being the Messiahs of a clean politics?' I asked sarcastically.

'Yes, of course' he said

'They will finally pass the Lokpal bill, there will be Lokyukta, Lok Adalat, Lok everything'.

I nodded, more out of mental fatigue, than anything else.

'And who will be the Prime Minister?' I asked.

'Why, General V.K.Singh. He was the Head of the Army. Now he will be Chief of the army of Indians.'


More by :  Ananya S Guha

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