Anna Team Entering Politics!

Without joining politics how to change the system?

Any one who intends to change the system has to enter politics because parliament only can pass bills. Whether Anna team will be successfully contesting the elections or not is a different matter. But they joining politics is not a sin. We cannot leave politics to criminals and self-appointed dynasties forever.

Things have to change today or tomorrow. I find many negative commentaries on the decision by Anna team to join politics both in print and visual media. Anna team crusades against corruption cannot make them ineligible to contest elections. Only by being people's representatives one gets the qualification to enact laws.

Politics as of now has become the personal property of certain families and die hard criminals and corrupt individuals. They are luring the voters with all kinds of freebees to exploiting their caste affiliations, community affection, religious following, ideology-liking and regional fanaticism. There is no internal democracy in almost all the political parties. Also it seems that most of us have come to the conclusion that the dirt in politicians and corruption among them and the bureaucrats can not be eradicated. Or only these politicians have to do something and no new blood can not be injected to the system.

Any Indian can start a political party and can contest elections. Then why should one object to that or ridicule that. We have to prove that politics is not the monopoly of criminals or people capable of dividing nation and citizens into compartments of caste, creed, community, religion, region, language, culture, ideology and the like. Something has to be done to change the course.

We definitely cannot leave the nation and our future in the hands of present political parties, which are competing with one another to show their inefficiency and irresponsibility and the politicians who represent these parties.

A nation is made by its citizens. All these years the democracy has been used to cater to the needs political leaders. Citizens have become secondary in importance or unnecessary once they voted and the drama is run by the politicians for their well-being and welfare of their kith and kin. Nations are not sports field for the proving or disproving the efficacy or other vise of ideologies. Any system or ideology must have citizens' well being and welfare as their primary concern. So India has to revive itself by definitely making use of its ancient wisdom and culture to come out of this mud and mud-slinging and elect leaders who are statesmen, who have patriotism and wisdom and of course compassion for all citizens and not favor certain castes, one community or religion or region or ideology or poor-rich or gender divide; at the expense of other citizens.

Let democracy be implemented in its original definition "of the people, for the people and by the people" from to what it is now reduced by our politicians as "by the leaders, of the leaders and for the leaders". Let leadero-cracy give place to democracy. It can be and has to be done by the Anna team or any other team.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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