The Nectar of Krishna's Pranks

Just as the rays of the rising sun
Pervade the whole earth and illumine it
Spread and fill my heart with your brilliance
And remove the darkness of ignorance Achyuta!
To understand the Upanishads, the Vedanta
And the knowledge of the SELF is one way
Ever keeping You in the heart
And filling the mind with tranquility
Is another way to attain you Mukunda!
Narayana! the peace of mind we get
By chanting your name always
One may not get
By the study of Knowledge of the SELF,
In the contemplation of Upanishadic insight,
In the company of saints and sages or
Cultivating the friendship of seers of action
We do not know whether we are puppets in the hands of the destiny
Or previous and present actions cause happiness and sorrow to us
Or our nature is responsible for our disturbances, pains, aches and troubles
Please take care of me Sridharaa!
Pains, loss of honor, anger, passions, disappointments; like crocodiles
Have caught me and are pulling me
Oh! Consort of Ramaa Devi!
Consult Divine Mother, bring her with you and also your near and dear
And recline on the couch of my devotion to you in my heart of milky-ocean
Am able to compose poetry by the Grace of Goddess Saraswati
Let my heart ripe by your compassion, Krishna!
I will praise You, sing your frolicking deeds
And delight the hearts of the aesthetic
And the good people,
Bless me, Jagannaatha!
Demons as greed and unending desires,
Dispiritedness, fear and inefficiency are roaming
In my heart of Nanda Gopa’s Place; Nandanandana!
Exhibit once more your pranks;
I feel blessed
My heart of curds is white as full-moon light
Chant of Narayana, Narayana as churner
I collected the butter of unalloyed love for you
Come and have it, Navaneetachora!
My mind is pestering me, saying
Becoming famous, amassing wealth and acquiring authority 
     are the ultimate goals of life, Maadhava!
Please show the wondrous cosmos
Shown to Yasoda in your mud-eaten mouth
So that my hallucinations are gone and illusions dissolved
Just as you uprooted the huge trees, Baalakrishna!
Remove bonds in me so that I am liberated from the curse of attachments
     and become blissful celestial in the chanting of your name
Crystal pure nature, plain traits, intellect that comprehended you
And heart completely filled with you will accompany you
Enjoy the preparations of wisdom and action within me
Together with butter of unalloyed devotion and love-pickle,
Oh! Nectar-ocean of Grace!
I have cows in me in the form of love and respect for my parents
Affection on my wife and children, respect for elders, friendship
And compassion for all beings, please take care of them
Oh! Crest-jewel of Gopas!
My ego is poisoning my heart-lake Like Kaaleeeya; dance on it and subdue
So that your Grace is reflected
And you pervade and fill it
The six inner foes, the distress, difficulties,
Disturbances are my clothes
Remove such mal-covers and fill my within with calmness
And make me peaceful,
Oh! Gopeevastraapahaari!
Wicked people, criminals, selfish persons like demons
Have garnered power and mastered the art of dubiously earning money;
      are like “Indras” full of arrogance causing immense trouble to society
Lift the mountain of humaneness and puncture their vanity Govardhanagiridhaari!
Cheerfulness, exuberance, exhilaration, love and affection
Are waiting like shepherd-damsels in my heart of banks of Yamuna
Play frolicking so that aesthetic bliss overflows Rassavataaraa!
Doubles and duals like Chaanoora and Mustika
Have risen in me, defeat them
With the help of brother Balaraama
So that I can remember you
And chant your name always, my dear Krishna!
Politicians, movie artistes, sports-persons
Commercial spiritual workers, false monks have
Displaced you from our hearts and are ruling us;
All our love and affection are showered only on them
You are really doing peculiar and strange things
In this age of Kali
Oh! Vanquisher of Kamsa!
This poem is born by the churning of my within; it is personification of Sri,
Transmits moon-light being his sister; full of aesthetics and auspicious sounds;
Always joyfully meditating on you and remembering your pranks has grown
Into a beautiful maiden to be your consort,
Accept and delight my Lakshmi of verses, Sri Lakshmiramanaa!


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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Comment Very nice presentation.mind is an aspect.

ramanath Pandey
01-May-2022 11:01 AM

Comment Thank you so much Sankaran ji. I am delighted for your encouraging words.

Varanasi Ramabrahmam
31-Aug-2021 08:01 AM

Comment Very niceOtp

30-Aug-2021 00:27 AM

Comment Long but nice.......

08-Aug-2012 23:53 PM

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