Light at End of Tunnel?


Two weeks ago it was discovered by chance that Pakistan had dug a deep secret tunnel in Kashmir. The tunnel is 250 m inside India’s territory and probably as much stretch is on the other side of dense jungles in Pakistan. The tunnel is close to the Pakistan Lumbriyal post.

According to experts it must have taken more than six months to dig a tunnel that long. The Geological Survey of India is conducting an in-depth study to find out all the exit points of the tunnel. Political analysts are scratching their heads to determine what lies behind this sinister Pakistani enterprise.

It is unlikely that a new route for terrorists to infiltrate India was being created. Analysts have pointed out that terrorists from Pakistan can openly cross the border and have frequently been photographed by Indian authorities as they do it. Indeed, Pakistan’s ISI and India’s RAW have both shown commendable responsibility and restraint while they cooperate with each other. There have been innumerable incidents that testify how well both Intelligence agencies cooperate. Recall how Tiger Memen was apprehended at a railway station. Recall how Mast Gul traveled comfortably to Pakistan after setting fire at the Chrar-e-Sharif in Kashmir. On June 14, 1999 I pointed out: 

“Our Intelligence agencies could not apprehend Mast Gil, destroyer of Chrar-e-Sharif, after he gave an interview to Zee TV in Srinagar. Mast Gul escaped to Pakistan… (both) our Intelligence agencies do work like a team…”

Now it has been confirmed by former cabinet minister Mr. Jaswant Singh that Mast Gul was “escorted to the Line of Control” after he had “vacated the dargah”. He was justifying his own decision as a minister to escort the Kandahar hijackers to Kabul. Mr. Singh emphatically said: “I know for a fact that Mast Gul vacated the dargah and he was escorted all the way to the LoC and permitted to go.”

Since terrorists are afforded so much cooperation by Indian authorities and can operate openly why was the secret tunnel created in Kashmir?

A new and credible theory has emerged to explain this puzzle. It is learnt from knowledgeable sources that a group of Pakistanis who desperately want peace with India dug the tunnel to secretly visit this country and attempt a peace accord. The strong disapproval of peace moves by the Pakistani establishment compelled them to undertake this secret method of interacting with India. They are terrified of openly working for peace.


More by :  Dr. Rajinder Puri

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