Indian Cricketer

'Now Laxman is gone' my friend said lamentably.
'Where?' I asked.
'You stupid bloke, don't you know he has retired from all forms of International cricket?'.
'Oh' I said,
'but I thought that he was selected for the test series against New Zealand' I said.
'That is the whole point' my friend was excited.
'If he was selected, then why did he retire?. This is the mystery.'
Knowing my friend's desire to whip gossip, I maintained a silence.
'Suspicious, isn't it?' he continued.'Selecting him, and then dropping him'
'They didn't drop him' I maintained stoically. It he who retired, so don't blame the poor selectors'.
'And anyway' I continued, 'he was listening to his inner voice, that was what he said'.
'Inner voice indeed, why did he not listen to it earlier?'.
'Because it came to him now. Inner voices do not come regularly, that is why they are inner, and that is why they are Voices', I said smugly.
'Anyway these are outer voices, which prompted him to retire'my friend said acerbically.
'I don't understand this...' I said slowly.
'When did they ask him to retire?, they had after all selected him'.
'Obviously they must have given him large hints, asking him to practice for the next season, that is why he spoke of giving youngsters a chance'.
'Well, that is a noble gesture isn't it, let another person get a chance to earn. The younger the better' I said.
'Don't make fun' he cautioned.
'Our cricketers are our heroes' he proclaimed.
'Is this the way to treat such a venerable and veteran cricketer with an average of 45 plus?'.
'I am sure there are many cricketers, who have averaged that' I said.
'But he is an Indian Cricketer' my friend said, and after foisting these words on me left, giving me ample food for thought!


More by :  Ananya S Guha

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