Ganesha Pancharatna Shloka by Adi Shankara

Among the various shlokas of Lord Ganesha, the Ganesha Pancharatna is a powerful shloka that can remove obstacles that come in the way of progress.
(Courtesy : Kumudam Bhakti, September 2002)

If you chant this shloka for 21 days at a stretch, you will experience lots of positive changes in your life. The unemployed will surely get a job, the childless will be blessed with children and Lord Ganesh will ensure that your family has a protective kavacha around it. Do not get disheartened if the benefits are slow. As you start reciting one mantra regularly, over a period of time, the mantra attains great potency. So, let us chant this redoubtable Ganesha Pancharatna shloka.

This mantra will free you from all your troubles and worries. Believe !

Mudha karatha Modhakam Sadha Vimukti Sadakam
KaladharavadhamSagam Vilasi Loka Rakshakam
Anayakaiga Nayagam Vinasithepa Thaityagam
Nadasubasu Nasakam Namamitham Vinayakam

O, Lord Ganesha, you are the one is who is happily holding a modaka in your hand, you are showing us the path of enlightenment; you have worn the moon as a jewel ; you are incomparable, O, Lord Ganesha; you decimated the demon Gajamukha and made him your vaahana; you are the one who destroys all evil, I bow before you, O, Lord Ganesha.

Nadhetharathi Peekaram Navodhitharka Baswaram
Namatsurari Nirjaram Nagadiga Padutharam
Sureswaram Nidheeswaram Gajeswaram Ganeswaram
Maheswaram Tamasraye Parathparam Nirandharam.

For those who don’t propitiate you, you create obstacles and frighten them, O, Lord Ganesha. Your effulgence is similar to Sun. Devas and Asuras bow before you ; You protect your devotees from all sort of troubles; you are the king of immortality too; You can bestow wealth on those who pray to you; You are the leader of the ganas and you have a form similar to omkara; you stand tall as a Lord, O, Lord Ganesha, I bow before you and surrender to you.

Samastha Loka sankaram Nirastha Thaitya Kunjaram
Tharetharotharam Varam Varabhe Vaktram Aksharam
Krupakaram Kshamakaram Mudakaram Yachaskaram
Manaskaram Namskrutham Namaskaromi Baswaram.

O, Lord Ganesha, you are the one who blesses all the denizens of this planet earth; You decimated Gajamuka demon; you have such a huge belly; you are elephant-faced; you are kind and benevolent; even when you create obstacles for your devotees, it is for their benefit; praying to you gives devotees lots of patience; you give happiness and fame to your employees; you purify the heart of your devotees; you are full of light and energy; I bow down before you, O, Lord Ganesha.

Akinjanarthi Marjanam Sirandhanokti  Paajanam
Puraripoorva Nandanam Surari Karva Sarvanam
Prabanja Nasa bheeshanam Dhananjayathi Bhooshanam
Kabola Thana Varanam Bhaje Purana Varanam

You are the one who wipes out the tears from the eyes of your devotees; the puranas glorify you; you are the eldest son of the inimitable Lord Shiva; you destroyed the pride of the demons and protected the Devas; during pralaya, you attained a gigantic form ; if provoked, you can be a nightmare; your body is adorned by snakes like Dhananjaya who are like jewels; You have the skill to destroy all evil, O Lord Ganesh, O, Elephant faced God, O, Adivarana, I bow before you, I bow before you.

Nidhanda Kandha Thandha Kandhim Annagandhakadmajam
Dhava sindhya roobam Andhaheenam Andharayakrundhanam
Hruthanthare Nirandam Vasanthameva yoginam
Tham Ekathantham Atputam Visindhayami Sandadham

O, Lord Ganesa, your tusks can illuminate darkness ; you are the son of Lord who decimated kaaldeva; your size is immeasurable; you have a form that can never end; you are the remover of all obstacles; you are in the hearts of yogis; you are brilliant and therefore I bow before you, O, Ekadanta, please give me peace of mind and remove all my negativity.

Mahaganesha Pancharatnam Adharenayo Neenham
Prajalpati Prabathakeruthi  Smaran Ganeswaram
Arokatham Adhoshatham Susahetheem Suputhratham
Samahithayur Ashtapoothim Abhyupaidhiso Sirath.

A person who gets up early morning, has a bath and chants the Ganesha Pancharathna shloka with like minded devotion will overcome disease and negative thinking; he will attain prosperity; he will be bestowed with a long life and he will attain lots of wealth.


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