Keeper of the Key

“Tell me a story, Gramma.” 

Gladys knew Penny would not settle down until she was satisfied. She was tired and whiney, like most little girls would do when they needed to settle down to sleep. 

“Alright” Gladys said “then you have to promise to go to sleep.” 

Penny nodded and laid back down to listen to Grams, for she was the only one who could tell the most wonderful tales. Nobody else could outdo her in this field.

“Once upon a time, there lived a little girl,” Gladys started her tale. 

“She was a bright and beautiful girl, with hair just like yours.” 

“Did she have eyes like mine?” Penny piped in. 

“Yes, and she had a grand mother that had special gifts. The lady knew a secret that nobody knew about.” 

“Oh, was it like magic things?” Penny asked excitedly. 

“Yes. She had a key that would open doors to impossible things; things that could never be opened unless the key was in place. 

“Do you have the key, Gramma?” 

“Yes, would you like to see it? Penny nodded. 

Gladys produced a tiny key, on a chain. “You have to put it on; then whenever you run into trouble you use it; keep it in a safe place, because you must never lose it.” 

She put it around Penny’s neck. 

“Now go to sleep and let the sandman come to put stardust in your eyes.” 

Penny always remembered that day. Now Gramma was gone; but never forgotten. 

She had a girl of her own, (Jennifer). When she got to be a certain age, Penny told her the same story, so she could pass the key of wisdom on. 

Jennifer, (most people called her Jen), was a brilliant girl. She was able to turn ideas into gold. She had the Midas touch. When she was young, the story made sense, but now that she had attained things on her own, she had forgotten how to be loving like her family. She would do anything to attain her wealth. She was cruel and selfish. In fact, she put her key in the safety deposit box, it was soon forgotten. She didn’t have it around to remind her of the gentle part of life. 

Jen would never be satisfied with anyone or anything. She wanted more; a bigger house, a better car, a place in the mountains by a lake, she had all of it, but was alone most of the time. She hoarded her “things” and worked, never having time to give of herself. 

One day, she had to get into her safety deposit box. There sat the “key” the very one that her mother had given to her. She was about to toss it aside, when a very strange thing happened. A vision flashed before her eyes. She could see herself in her old age, wondering what to do with her “things?” She had no family left, nobody she cared about, or to leave it to. The state had taken a hold of all she possessions, and the key would be put up for auction. No one would know the reason to keep it, so it got melted down and put into a car that went into a junk heap. 

“NO!” She said to herself, I will try to share all my wealth with others. She finally met a man who cared for her, and they had a girl that they named “Gladys.” 

This is a never ending story. We all have the key; we just have to use it wisely. So now you are the chosen one, who is the “keeper of the key.” Share it wisely.  
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