New Vision

New vision is spiritual vision. From animal to human, from human to spiritual the vistas enlarge, accommodating everyone in their larger scope of vision. No one will be left behind; everyone manifests the same consciousness of Spirit; some with more clarity, others as the personification of ignorance. The block of granite prompts you to go beyond, itself remaining the milestone on the royal path.

Do not despair; do not despise anyone. No individual ever stumbles; no individual ever progresses. Every being - sentient or insentient - has a role to play in this manifest universality of the Spirit. The Spirit Itself has become one and all. So where is the question and the need of seeking privileges and rights?

Take someone with you, if you can; follow someone if you like. And go alone, if you so feel. No one will bother you. Every botheration you feel is of your own making, never blame others for this universe as it is. Accept everything; reject nothing. Acceptance is better than toleration; rejection and hatred are the meanest vices of a bound soul. Seek freedom and these vices will fly away like the shining sun clearing the fog.

Meditate in silence of isolation; meditate in the din and bustle of market place. Meditate when you are agitated; meditate when you are calm. Meditate on the excellence of your nature; meditate on the glory of Self that is your true nature.

Seek nothing, for you are the treasure house of everything. Only those who have lost something try to regain. You have not lost anything; you do not want anything. Everything is with you, within you. Just know it. Like a farmer just remove hurdles and the water would irrigate the farm of your mind by itself. The force of Spirit would act as the gravitational pull.

Do not make others weak; do weaken yourself. Do not feel weak; do not think of weakness, for one becomes that what one thinks. Do not take shelter under the roof of weakness. Be strong; be self-confident. Believe in yourself before you start believing in God. This is the pre-requisite for self-realization, for God also withdraws from him who lacks the first faith - faith in oneself.

Be truthful, always. The world might try to repeat lies hundreds of thousand times to make the lie appear true; but do not be fooled by such flimsy tricks. Enough of pulling covers over eyes in the fear of imagined dangers. Face the brute, and it would run away. If you run, it will chase you. If you stop and stare, it would put its tail down.

Be confident of the Truths mentioned in the Scriptures. Discriminate between real and unreal, permanent and transient on the basis of the definitions realized and provided by the Seers. No other definition would work; not even of science and the scientists.

Your mind would try to fool you; hit it hard whenever it tries to glorify weakness and falsehood. Then it would become your friend. Then it will be your Teacher. Open your eyes and come out of the state of hypnotism; for, the world is not as what you see now; it is divine. It is the body of the Spirit: Beautiful, Radiant, and Blissful. 


More by :  Bhuwan Thapaliya

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