The Bonded Labor

The bonded labor has been eradicated by the governments to some extent.

Now we have modern bonded laborers.

They are the academicians working in the Education Institutes, primary, secondary, tertiary and universities started by private individuals, their trusts etc.,. These Institutes are founded having an eye on the money involved and that can be made and not for imparting education or knowledge to the students.

These institutes are very eager to collect lots of money from students in the form of fees, donation, and what not. They collect the fees etc as money lenders collect. But they are not at all eager and are not at all paying the teachers, some even being doctorates and the like qualified academicians among their faculty. They are keeping the original certificates of the faculty so that they will not go away and are paying paltry sums compared to the government scales announced.

Really these academicians are working as bonded labor.

It is unfortunate and ironical that all these institutes celebrate Teachers' Day very "grandly". We forgot to honor or respect the teacher with good salary. The private institutes are run as business enterprises and the owners are not educationists and academicians. They do not know the value of education, scholarship and knowledge.

Bonded labor any where in any form must be eradicated just not the bonded labor in quarries, farms, companies, brick-kilns and the like places.

Let us learn to respect teacher and knowledge. Else steep increase in number of private educational institues neither contributes to knowledge nor excellence in teaching and learning.

Entrepreneurship and academics will not go together. The owners should not be allowed to run these institutes as another big mall, rice-mill, prawn culture tanks, and the like. The owners are to be disciplined by the governments.

Who will do that?


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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Comment Thank you so much Prof. Sidhu for the kind attention and learned observation and enlightening comments. REgards.

Varanasi Ramabrahmam
31-Aug-2012 09:52 AM

Comment Sir,
It was a great delight to read your observations on the emerging private educational institutes and universities wherein teaching is devoid of true commitments to imparting knowledge. This is true that such institutes are no better than the shops for marketing fake goods, cheating customers and doing a great disservice to the nation and society. The teachers too don't enjoy any respectable status and honorable position in these modern business dens promising a rosy future. It is in fact a deplorable situation. It is immediately desired that some regulatory measures are initiated and enforced to discipline these erring institutes and universities.
Congrats for taking up the issue!
Prof. BS Sidhu

31-Aug-2012 01:42 AM

Comment Thank you so much Sri RKBhushan for your kind attention and learned response. I am encouraged and inspired. Regards.

Varanasi Ramabrahmam
30-Aug-2012 08:38 AM

Comment Dear Dr. Varanasi,
You deserve a full-throated compliment for courageously exposing the masters exploiting the modern bonded labour. Your analysis of the situation is absolutely correct and requires urgent correction. Suerly, the teachers, qualified, highly qualified or otherwise are suffering unwarranted disgrace and humiliation at the hands of the mercenaries. This is a direct outcome of the liberalization of edcation in the country and even the political masters are hand-in-glove with their beneficiaries.
Of course, we are passing through a grave crisis in the whole process of governance and we are helplessly watching the game they are playing in connivance with a mass of our fraternity.
In the past five years, I have been working in such institutions, though maintaining dignity and decorum quite reasonably, after serving for 37 years in so-called well-organized and well-managed institution where also things are far from satisfactory. Love of knowledge and scholarship is a remote reality. Human and educational values are weighed in the same scales as commercial values.
Let us do our bit and carry on with the missionary zeal to mend matters as the light is always there at the end of the tunnle..........

30-Aug-2012 01:25 AM

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