BJP Must Quit Opposition!

BJP leaders have launched a nationwide campaign demanding that the Congress must quit government in order to restore democratic functioning in the country.

I make a counter demand. I demand that the BJP quit the Opposition in order to restore democratic functioning in the country. The BJP has no moral right to stay in the Opposition.

The nation is sick and tired of the spurious drama enacted by both parties. Mrs. Sonia Gandhi urges her party men to aggressively attack the BJP. The BJP leaders brief their members on how to attack the government. In the thick of this fierce drama staged for public consumption Mr. LK Advani’s close and trusted confidant Mr. Kirti Azad spends a quiet half hour with Mrs. Sonia Gandhi in her room in parliament house.

What did the two discuss? That of course is not for public consumption.

I demand that the BJP quit the Opposition and join the UPA government. What holds it back? Both the Congress and BJP have exactly similar policies. Both parties have a policy of opposing FDI in opposition and supporting FDI in government. Both parties promote corruption. Both parties have excellent relations with the Bellary brothers. Both parties kowtow to China and keep encouraging an adverse balance of trade with that nation. Both parties are guided by America on relations with Pakistan. Both parties have thrived electorally from genocide against minorities. If one party targeted Sikhs and the other targeted Muslims that is not a fundamental difference of approach…

Unless the nation has an opposition party democracy will not function. Our system and governance are being ruined because there is no opposition in the country. For the sake of the nation I demand that BJP quit the Opposition and join the government. The nation can wait no longer. Only if BJP quits Opposition by joining government might a proper opposition party emerge to save the nation.   


More by :  Dr. Rajinder Puri

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