Maya Kodnani’s Horrid Deed at Naroda

Rioters in Power

Dr. Maya Kodnani ,who always looked religious in the court room, was responsible for spreading communal riots. The Supreme Court Special Investigation Team (SIT) clearly gave the verdict that “she committed mass murder or tried to commit murder and destroyed the property of large number of persons.” Dr. Kodnani was the key accused in the Narodia Patia Case. After so many years, truth is coming out. Dr. Kodnani is at last under the heavy scanner. This renowned gynaecologist, the three time MLA of BJP was earlier arrested in the Naroda Patia and Naroda Gam massacre cases in end of March 2009. She became a low profile after that. Earlier she had been the state level minister in the Modi ministry.

The allegations against Dr. Kodnani are quite serious not simply because she instigated the riots. She is one of those who are in power in Gujarat. Kodnani had led and instigated the mob. She distributed the weapons herself. It is shameful that being a public representative, she was on the spot during the riots in Naroda Patia. It has been revealed that Kodnani had even fired from her own pistol also and she came to the spot in a car with other persons and distributed swords amongst the mob. However, Dr. Kodnani tried to defend herself by saying that she had not been at the spot of riots. She said she was at the Sola Civil Hospital with former minister Amit Shah. The Apex Court squashed all her claims.

Till yesterday no one was able to touch the doctor as those in power in Gujarat were very close to her and sponsored her activities. This is why the political fortunes of Maya rose after the 2002 riots. She was the city President of BJP. She became the first Sindhi woman to hold a minister’s berth in Gujarat. But the Supreme Court appointed a special investigation team in 2008 to probe afresh nine riots in Gujarat. Maya resigned as junior minister and for the last three years she had to be present in the court every working day from 10 am to 5 pm where she used to read scriptures and prays to God. All pretensions. The gulf of appearance and reality was so big.

It is really a revelation for the nation that the riot-mongers all wear a religious mask and in the name of loving God they kill the man. Now after the verdict of the Supreme Court Dr. Kodnani’s identity as rioter has become clear. What is worse in Gujarat is that those who sponsored riots are still in power. Only ray of hope is that the legal system has been able to hold to account at least one BJP representative responsible for the darkest mayhem of country’s recent history.

Narodia is a lower middle class muslim locality in Northern Ahmedabad where the crowd went on a killing spree. The attackers were mostly from nearby Chharanagar and were personally instigated by Dr. Kodnani. She committed the sin of murdering innocent people of the minority community and now
“Pity like a naked new-born babe
 Stiding the blast , or heaven’s Cherubins , hors’d
 Upon the sightless couriers of the air,
 Shall blow the horrid deed in every eye..." 


More by :  Dr. Ratan Bhattacharjee

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Comment very correct. At last the cat is out of the bag. Modi wont be able to camouflage himself for a very long time. he will have to prove his accountability to the people of a secular republic that India is.

02-Sep-2012 02:37 AM

Comment She just got caught because of such naked display of her acts as you described. But there are many more who are part of this barbarous crime of causing the death of innocent citizens of India in Gujrath. They are walking free there. How about the Chief Minister Modi himself? Where was Narendra Modi at the time? Was he dead and couldn't take decisive action to control the mobs? It is one of the many dreadful triballistic and barbaric events that occurred in our life time in Mother India.

We must remember and should hang our heads in shame.

Anyway, we all must applaud the courageous moral stand the court has taken. That should serve as an example to other law courts. That is a happy sign.

01-Sep-2012 17:44 PM

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