Daughter Pilot

We always desire sons but daughters are not unwanted.

My father used to say , "Daughters are the backbone of the society as mother, sister and beloved". My father loved me very much, he used to say, "Look, you are my son -  I shall educate you in a way to make you a pilot".

My mother used to say that a daughter should remain in the territory of four walls.

He used to say, "Liberate her so much - fly - fly - her - so that she will have none of our control". 

My brother used to become angry at me to hear the world fly because I could be a butterfly. At this my father used to say him, "You will become an engineer - to control the flight."

Days, months and years passed in such a way. Suddenly one day we heard the news of the accident. The scooter of my father collided with a truck. All our dreams evaporated in a flash.  My mother focussed her attention on my younger brother but I was determined to fulfil the dream of my father.

"Many dreams come and go but I remember only one dream - of becoming a pilot". Besides my study, I started giving tutions to the students. My world was outside four walls and I had my mother and brother to care. I was in real sense a pilot and now I have to fly the plane of my family. I flew from one corner to the other because I had a responsibility. Although I could not become a pilot but I was very happy when my brother got the degree of an engineer. Now i think, I am really a pilot.


More by :  Prof. Dr. Ram Sharma

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