Natural Remedies for Stress Reduction

Stress is natural, it  is present in everyone's life, but the root of stress and anxiety can be different for everyone. Anxiety is a negative effect of stress that accompanies stress and if left unchecked or allowed to flourish can linger beyond what caused the stress in the first place. If we are knowledgeable about stress and how to combat it, then we are one step ahead of stress. 
There are many natural remedies that can help combat stress and anxiety. These remedies are simple and often overlooked as options for treatment.
Here are some very useful stress relief tips for helping to relieve and manage everyday stress:
Exercise is often considered the ultimate stress-reliever. Exercising creates an outlet for tension that builds up. Making time for some physical activity that you enjoy is good for the mind and body.
You need not do excessive two hours on the treadmill. The whole idea of exercise to fight stress is that you should enjoy what you are doing. You can keep it simple....a walk in the neighborhood......or playtime with your pets or family can be all you need. Another option is aerobics, which can also be done in the water. Find what works for your situation and physical condition. Exercise helps you balance your temperament, since exercise ends up distracting you from the person or the situation causing the stress. 

As long as you're breathing, Aromatherapy is an option you can consider for relieving your stress. What is your favorite scent?
The oil particles that you inhale through aromatherapy are sent to the brain via the olfactory system, where theyrelease neuro-chemicals which may be sedative, relaxing, stimulating, or even euphoric, depending on the oil. Lavender oil for instance, helps induce sleep. Consult an aromatherapist or do a search for websites that provide information on this.
Herbal Relief
Herbal stress relief is becoming more and more popular method for natural stress relief. It's been used for centuries. It's not to be confused with a quick fix, as it does take time for you to see the full balancing effect. Herbal stress relief works best with meditation and focus oriented stress relievers like yoga.
The herbs can be used either in the single form or in combination.  Here are some popular herbs used:
Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera) is very useful stress adaptogenic herb. It helps the body to address a stress related condition rather than masking it with sedatives. A herb that rejuvenates the nervous system, erases insomnia and eases stress.
Brahmi (Bacopa monniera) is an important plant in the group 'Medhya Rasayana'. it is claimed as restorative, nervine and mental tonic.  It improve grasping power and correct aberrations of emotions, mood and personality of an individual.
Vacha (Acorus calamus)  have got prominent action on Central Nervous System. It Strengthens the brain, improves the memory, intellect and speech.
Mandukparni (Hydrocotyle asiatica) - It is indicated to be used in the treatment of mental retardation, speech disorders, insanity, epilepsy etc. 
Shankhapushpi (Convolvulus pluricaulis) - One of the best brain tonics. It strengthens the brain, brightens the memory and intellect. It is indicated in the treatment of loss of memory and associated mental disorders. 
Jatamansi (Nardostachys jatamansi) - Highly aromatic plant bearing a biphasic action on Central nervous system indicating nerve stimulation and nerve sedation (sedation to spinal cord specifically).
Meditation is an age-old practice, which can induce potentially beneficial changes such as lower blood pressure and reduced heart rate. It diverts the mind from the problems of daily life. Meditation requires sitting or lying quietly, usually with the eyes closed, so that attention is withdrawn from the outside world and from customary activity. Some forms of meditation involve concentrating on breathing in and out and repeating a word or phrase called "mantra" aloud or silently. Meditation helps in controlling emotional stress, achieving stillness of mind, state of serenity.
The goal of yoga stress relief is for you to reach a peaceful state of mind by combining deep breathing, physical poses and meditation. Since it focuses on the mind, a positive outlook and attitude area big plus.It can be performed at home or in a class.
Here are a few different styles: 

  • Hatha: focuses on the basic poses.
  • Vinyasa: more vigorous and includes poses coordinated with breathing.
  • Ashtanga: a more physically demanding style, which inspired what's called power yoga.
  • Iyengar: focuses on proper body positioning in each pose. The poses are usually held for a long  time.
  • Kundalini: focuses on repetitive movements and the freeing of lower body energy so that it moves up.
  • Bikram: also called "Hot Yoga" due to it's setting in a room of about 100 degrees.  

Music Relief
Stress relief music is a great option in natural stress relief. This is because music is an excellent mood changer. Your favorite song could be helping to relieve your stress. Learn what types of music work best.  The great thing about it is that you can take it pretty much anywhere you go. Today's technology makes it so easy to do. Upload the songs to your phone, i-pod, or the good old CD player and you're good to go.
Why it works?  It is so effective in soothing because of the changes it triggers in the body. Your breathing and heart rate slows down. This causes the body to go into relaxation mode, reversing the stress response. Lower blood pressure, increased immunity, and more relief from muscle pains are a few of the benefits possible. It also takes your mind off of everything else for a moment.
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