Ab Tak 56

Director: Shimit Amin
Music: Salim Suleman
Starring: Nana Patekar, Kunal Vijaykar, Jatin Shukla, Yashpal Sharma, Imtiaz Siddique, Dr.Mohan Agashe, Prasad Purandhar, Nakul Vaid, Prakash Purandare, Jeeva, Revathi, Hrishita Bhatt

With 'Ab Tak Chhappan', Shimit Amin makes his first appearance as director in Bollywood. He is one of those filmmakers who shifted from the career of an editor to that of a complete director. He takes a camera to how real, gritty and harsh face of the Police force that is otherwise shown as either glamorous or a corrupt glitch. Being a film editor, debutant director Shimit Amin cuts his material like a surgeon. With his brilliant performance, he may find a permanent base in Bollywood after this film. 

Shimit chooses to trade in between fantacy and reality. His realistic approach may work as an hindrance for many to carry on with this film, but for the lovers of realistic cinema, 'Ab Tak Chhappan' is a treat for eyes. The first encounter at the start of the film or the encounter between Sadhu (Nana) and the rookie cop Jatin (Nakul Vaid), in a crowded apartment passage in front of the kids is stunning. Asset of this film is Nana Patekar. 

The film is based on the life of a Mumbai cop reputed to have killed scores of criminals in gun battles that some critics say were staged. Nana Patekar plays Sadhu Agashe in 'Ab Tak chhappan'. As encounter specialist he is head of a team that has been chosen to remove criminals from Mumbai. Relying greatly on his team Sadhu keeps his heart close to his job. He watches Television, jokes with his friends and enjoys company of his good wife (Revathy) without any indication of a his killing spree. For him killing a criminal is his daily roaster. In one scene from "Ab Tak Chappan", he is shown talking to an underworld don with the contempt of familiarity while he dresses to go out shopping with his wife. 

With the freedom, confidence and support given by commissioner of police Pradhan (Dr.Aagashe)) Sadhu gives his 100% on job. The tally reaches at 56 (Chhappan as the title speaks). However, the situation changes fast when Commissioner Shuchak (Jeeva) replaces Pradhan. He is one of those who work with Sadhu but feel jealous of him because of his publicity. Shuchak has his own favorites and those who feel, have been sidelined earlier are euphoric. Then Sadhu's life changes in gloom. Within one night, he is considered as villain by the nation. Having seen his wife die a brutal death in front of his eyes Sadhu seeks help from those who had been his target no.1. i.e. Underworld Don Zameer (Prasad Purandare). He also offers him help for his own profit. Its better to watch on screen how and why things occur in Sadhu's life .

Nana comes on the screen in a different style than his recent ones in 'Shakti' and 'Aanch'. He has worked in a certain style in this film that is poles apart from his earlier performances down the years. Shimit and Nana work as a team as the film progresses. If 'Ab Tak Chhappan' is called a comeback vehicle for Nana, it won't be wrong. 

It is only the work of Yashpal Sharma and Prasad Purandare that manages to shine and Kunal Vijaykar too try to show their best, there's Nakul Vaid as the rookie, Wide-eyed, idealistic hero-worshipping. But Revathy is wasted in a miniscule role. No one notices if she was there or not. 'Ab Tak Chhappan' is a Nana film. 

Technically the film has full marks. Salim Suleman's background music score works as the narrator for the film. Vishal Sinha's camera work is superb he gives the film a totally different look from "Satya" or "Company.

The film will be mainly liked by the metro crowd, especially in Mumbai. Down the suburban lanes the film will face tough time at the box office.   


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