Fourth Alternative...

'The Prime Minister is maintaining a stoic silence', my friend said.
'For what?' I asked innocently.
'For the coal gate allocation', he snapped back.
'We have an honest Prime Minister, we cannot blame him for the sins of venality corrupted by a miniscule few', I said.
'What has happened to you my friend. This government must go, and our Prime Minister must step down'.
'Where?' I asked.
'Look my friend, now it is high time we search for an alternative. No UPA!'.
'Good', I replied.
'And what shall be this alternative?'.
'A Party of the people and by the people,the grand tenets of democracy'.
'And who will attend the party?" I asked?.
'Who will form the party? That is the question you dithering fool'.
'But Parties are parties', I said.
'Look, don't joke. This is a serious issue'.
'I've got it', I shouted.
'Lets form a party less party.'
'And, what my friend, does that imply?'
'A single party no coalition and all that..', I mumbled vaguely.
'Yes, yes, and then this will be the fourth alternative'.

My friend now liked this apotheosis.


More by :  Ananya S Guha

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