Necessity for Strong Center!

Sri Lankan Tamils have been the focus of attention of political leaders of Tamilnadu state of India for the last thirty and more years. This empathy and love for Sri Lankan Tamils has been peaking and is reaching ridiculous heights. The major and minor parties of Tamilanadu and their leaders vociferously continue the rhetoric of supporting Sri lankan Tamils' cause.

Even the Sri Lankan Tamils have been trying to forget their trauma of years and live a resettled life and are co-operating with their with their government. But the political leaders of Tamilnadu are not able to forget or forgive and continue "supporting" by all means the Sti Lankan Tamils' cause.

They are more worried about the well-being of Sri Lankan Tamils than the Tamils of Tamilnadu.

They even put central government, which has to deal with nations showing courtesy and cooperation, to embarrassment by doing things which put any government in tight spot. That these leaders have nothing but politics in mind and are trying to upstage the leaders of other political parties with their love and solidarity shown to Sri Lankan Tamils even at the expense of their own Tamil citizens of India and of course the citizens of rest of India.

Chief ministers joining this kind of rhetoric with full throat unmindful of their duty as a constitutional head of a state government and the responsibilities associated; must not inconvenience the central government and the foreign government involved.

Both in West Bengal and Tamilnadu the center is not able contain the chief ministers and deal with the foreign governments. These chief ministers have become force to themselves and are behaving as dictators to the center and not as constitutional colleagues in the running of the nation and its international face. The center is not able to bring commonsense and reason to these chief ministers. This type of ignoring center's authority in international dealings, defence and foreign relations does not show the country in a proper spirit.

This type of federal politics have been happening in India whenever the center became weak, right from Mouryas to Moghuls. The result has been the nation going under foreign yoke. This type of non-cooperation by state governments and doing things detrimental to national stature among comity of nations is both unbearable and not good omen for the country. There should be a strong government at the center else the state governments under the rule of unconventional heads will give problem to governance and name and fame of the nation.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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