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Gradual and Phased De-Reservation
by Raakesh Panda Bookmark and Share
Like It or Not,
We’ll Have to Move towards a Gradual and Phased De-Reservation.

Lines, boundaries, segregation, difference, outer circle, inner group- the whole Indian mind-set is plagued by compartmentalization of human beings. I’ve always been fiercely speaking against communalism, marginalization of the deprived sections of our society, historical blunders of caste-system, the utter need of humanitarianism, and the vision of a category-less society. However, our official reservation policy is forcibly reinforcing divisions in our society. 
Ambedkar, a great scholar, a subtle sufferer of the caste-system, and a pillar of constitution-framing himself made reservation provisions for ten years. He was particularly keen not to give reservation on religious lines. Now, reservations have metamorphosed into vote-bank politics. Simmering hatred for other sections of the society, a permanent definition of the individual by his caste/religion/language/region etc defy the fact that all of us are human beings and are Indians. The reservation policy has increased hatred among castes.
We are a socialist democracy, no doubt. We are committed to the uplifting of the underprivileged. But reservation as a policy has gone horribly wrong. We must support the poor, provide quality education to all, but we mustn’t compromise with standards and with social harmony. Reservation at admission, reservation in job, reservation in promotion – the poor general category weeps all through his/her life. Bitter animosity in the official space- ‘this fool was the peon when I was a clerk. Today, he’s my boss. Can’t write; can’t understand; all that he know is being partial to his category.’ It goes on and on for the whole life. Cold hatred! India needs leadership of vision, responsibility, and maturity to go for phased rollback of the deadly reservation policy. SC lobby, ST group, OBC gang, minority group- I really feel tired of it at times.
No one’s a human being. Why are we forced to abhor our compatriots? The poison in the youth is all the more alarming. The reserved category fiercely protects and promotes itself. Sometimes I feel, it is only ‘the general category boy’ who is the only deprived category in this country. All of us speak only out of our own selfish interests. I’ve seen with my own eyes that doctors of the reserved category go to general category doctors when it comes to the treatment of their own children.  There’s a huge compromise on quality.
The reserved categories want to solidify caste because they get benefit out of it. The caste walls have become stronger because of reservation policy.
There’s a serious argument in the statement that I’m not responsible for what my ancestors did. It’s not in my hands that they ill-treated a class. Why can’t we live harmoniously now? At a time when the whole world has realized the importance of knowledge, quality human resource, talent and hard work, our reservation policy seems to pull our country back. The marginalized must be uplifted. Everything must be done to bring everyone into the mainstream but certainly not at the cost of the nation. 
Once one enters a service, he’s no longer Dalit or high-caste; he’s an employee. It’s against natural justice to differentiate among equals.
Someone will have rise above the petty affairs and think of the larger goals of this country. We’ve attuned ourselves to Hindu-Muslim, high caste- low caste thinking. No one thinks of India and the Indian. We need true leaders today who can dare to do what is good for the country without bothering for vote-banks. As it is, the vote-bank will never go to mainstream, national parties. Ground has to be prepared for a gradual and phased rollback of the reservation policy. Free debate and discussion is required. Electoral compulsions apart, right decisions have to be taken.   
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Comments on this Article

Comment If there's de-reservation, BSP and SP will vanish. Only mainstream parties will be there.

11/18/2013 09:37 AM

Comment Yadavs and Patels (OBCs) are more powerful than Brahmins and Vaishyas in every part of India. They're landed people. They're usually well armed. They're electorally strong. And yet, they enjoy quota. Reservation has become a lollypop in India which the government offers to appease a section and prepare its votebank. If reservation is to be given at all, it should be given only to first timers from the lowest rung of castes and tribes. One individual should be allowed the benefit of reservation only once in life; for getting a good college or getting a job. That's all. This quota in promotion business is deplorable. How can a junior become senior simply because he's from a particular caste? Our politicians have gone mad. If the reserved category people were exploited for centuries, it does not give them the right to exploit high castes for coming centuries. It's time we thought of ourselves as Indians and humans. Reservation policy is based on a simple principle: 'The purpose of reservation is to end reservation'.

Madhuban Vikas
09/06/2012 07:36 AM

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