"I think I will start an IPL", my friend said.
"It will attract the best players in the world, and there is money for everyone. It will get international coverage, and ...". He fumbled for words.
"My dear friend", I replied. "There can be only one IPL", I replied quietly.
"Oh" he said. "Yes, what I mean is that something on the lines of IPL.
"Here in Shillong?" I asked skeptically.
"No, not here, maybe in Kolkata?"
"Kolkata?" I exclaimed.
"Kolkata has better things to watch than your version of IPL", I said.
"OK Mumbai then", my friend replied.
"Are you mad?" I said.
"There is only one IPL and the whole world watches it including the entire country. So I think you better think of something else".
"What about Dubai? That is no man's land. A lot of people go there to watch cricket matches including film stars".
"But how you will manage the show? my friend". I asked.
"That is not a problem. I will get some film stars, the ones who are not involved in the IPL, to manage the show and sponsor the teams".
"Ah . . . well, that is not a bad idea. But how will get the players?"
"I will get all those discards. You see it will give them an opportunity to come back to cricket and may be make an entry once again to international cricket".
"What discards?" I asked.
"Well, test and one day international discards" he said.
"That my friend will not work out, most of them are already playing IPL and they are very happy for that?" he replied.
"Well why don't you do one for retired players. Make it a ten overs each match or something like that. Many of these post retired people still like to play you know" I suggested.
"No, no that won't do. I think I will have a BPL".
"Come on you fool. There is already a Bangladesh Players League, and they have managed to rope in cricketers from all over the world".
"I meant below poverty line" my friend said quietly.
"I want to improve their lot and cricket is the only solution. Not hockey, nor football, nor boxing, nor shooting, nor tennis and certainly not badminton".
"Well" I sighed.
"I think the choice is between BPL and IPL!"


More by :  Ananya S Guha

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