Passionate Mind, A Divine Workshop

Why are we so afraid of the power within us?

We all recognize at some stage in our lives that there is a light within us that wants to come out and shine. We recognize it in moments when something that we do gives us immense joy within. We recognize it when we can see for ourselves and know in our heart of hearts how good we are at doing something so good that we often don't even need the approval of the world because we just know it. But so many of us, we simply ignore those moments as insignificant moments. We don't give importance to that 'thing' that can make the light inside us shine. We often do that in fear. We are afraid that if we pursued our passion and interest that gives us the deepest sense of joy, it will create a feeling of insecurity in people with whom we share our lives. We are afraid that our world will be turned upside down and we tell ourselves it is not really practical and would be rather silly if we did that just to pursue a passion. Sometimes we even admonish ourselves for being 'selfish' to even contemplate doing something just for our own joy and happiness. We often believe that we don't deserve to be so happy, so powerful and so shining. How wrong we can be? Because we have been given the birth of human for the sole purpose of being happy, powerful and ever shining - each and every one of us.

Your passion shows you the way to be happy, powerful and ever shining. It shows you the way to become and bloom into who you really are. Passion is what you were born to do. Passion is the path that takes you to the true purpose of your life. When you suppress your passion, you are denying your truth and your true self. Once you begin suppressing your passion, you have sown the seeds of unhappiness, which on further suppression will bear the unwanted and unhealthy fruits of stress, frustration, anger and so many miseries on the tree of your life.

However, when you take the step to follow the path of our passion, the tree of your life bears nothing but fruits of happiness, joy, contentment, fulfillment and peace. You become who you truly are. The joy and happiness that comes on this journey is endless and also contagious. You feel so happy that you want to spread that happiness in everyone else's life too. You inspire people around you to pursue their passion thereby facilitating birth of more number of happy people in the world. If this is what is the result of pursuing your passion, pray tell me, how can it possibly be a 'selfish' thing to do? In fact I think the world would be a much better place and would be with lot more happier people if everyone was forced to engage themselves in only those activities about which they feel passionate about. Just like an idle mind is a devil's workshop, I would say a mind engaged in its passion is a divine workshop - bringing out the divinity and godliness inside you.

So, today, do give yourself few quiet moments to think about what are the things that you feel passionate about. Every one of us has been gifted with at least one passion. It is only a matter of listening to your heart. Having identified your passion, make an effort and take small steps in pursuing it and you will find yourself humming and singing along the journey of life. When you sing, the world around too will join you to sing along.


More by :  Meenakshi Madhur

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