India's Best Chief Ministers

are All Non-Congress

The bleak political landscape that the Indian Republic presents in terms of misgovernance and unprecedented corruption that has become all pervasive under the present regime set me thinking of political alternatives in terms of India’s next Prime Minister. The Congress Party does not present any personality to foot the bill of leading India out of its present murky political swamp. I then found that surveying the list of Chief Ministers of States who have provided good governance in their States and were politically tall as leaders were all from Non-Congress political parties. One hopes that at least one of these emerges as Prime Minister of India.
The best Chief Ministers of States that figure in my list are Narendra Modi of Gujarat; Ms Jayalalitha of Tamilnadu; Navin Patnaik of Odisha; and Nitish Kumar of Bihar; all in the order named.
The BJP Chief Minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi despite his demonization by the Congress hierarchy and their pseudo-secularist allies relying for political survival on minority vote banks, has provided effective governance and development of Gujarat for two successive political terms and may head the third. With tremendous drive, determination and political overdrive he has made Gujarat the favourite destination of investors both Indian and foreign.
The Tamilnadu Chief Minister Ms Jayalalitha impresses me as a Chief Minister with political drive and effective leadership qualities. What has impressed me most about her are her grasp and articulation of crucial Indian national security issues and foreign policy issues. Watching her on a number of TV shows expressing her views on such crucial issues extempore and unaided by any written notes demonstrated her keen interest on issues that vitally affect India’s national security.
The Odisha Chief Minister Navin Patnaik is already in his second term as Chief Minister of his State. His two terms as Chief Minister have been free from political controversies and he has nurtured a couple of young MPs in the Parliament who are equally impressive and articulate. He is suave and presents a quiet and dignified personality which stands out in sharp contrast to the Congress hierarchy.
The Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has had stints as a Central Minister and is now in his second term as Chief Minister of Bihar. He has uplifted Bihar’s governance and economic development after fifteen years of neglect. What goes against him is his overplaying the pseudo-secularism card on the lines of the Congress and its like-minded allies. This combined with his unremitting political hostility to Gujarat Chief Minister Naraendra Modi as prime ministerial case weakens his image as pandering to the Indian Muslim vote.
India is currently in a state of acute political flux and no one knows where it is headed politically. Notwithstanding that I would still bet on the list of Chief Ministers of States notes as they are the best Chief Ministers in India and rather intriguingly all happen to be Non-Congress Chief Ministers and all are second-time Chief Ministers in the period that the Congress Government ruled the Centre.


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Comment Sir. I think jayalalita is does not deserve 2nd place.bcuz of her corouptness activities. in my opinion Sir Naveen pattnaik deserve 2nd place..Naveen Patnaik was felicitated by the United Nations (UN) for an effort to evacuate nearly a million people ahead of tropical storm,Cyclone Phailin, that made a landfall on coastal Odisha in October 2013.[23]*.Naveen Patnaik was ranked the Most Popular Chief Minister of India byIndia Today-ORG-Marg Mood of the Nation Poll.[24]*.Naveen Patnaik was ranked the Second Best Performing Chief Minister byNDTV Opinion Poll.[25

05-Apr-2015 09:02 AM

Comment Dear sir I think modi comes 1st in rank.But sir cm Nitesh kumar may not be the suitable person.sorry sir this is my personal comment.Cm Navin may be suitable but I think he is doing something wrong like igoness of one side winning......isn't it sir?

Ramdash Panda
11-Feb-2014 05:40 AM


12-Jul-2013 04:52 AM

Comment I am afraid you missed few other ministers. Chattisgarh minister Dr. Raman Singh and MP minister Mr. Chauhan. Incidentally these two are also non-congress.

12-Apr-2013 04:51 AM

Comment sir iam very glad to meet my opinion in indian history there is no good political cheif minister in indian history.all are corrupted and all are selfish to use the power their own purposes and their family happiness.sir what is politics why people elected leaders. people s elected leaders for good ruling but this political leaders do corruption by public money.sir iam really says in our country so many people lives in below poverty line even basic needs also not in their life. this is very bad so many people lives in slum areas but this political leaders lives in air conditioner rooms benze cars, duplix houses bmws and enjoy they all are with public money.todays por people and midlle class families lives in bad position petrol,gas,rice,so many things are heavey cost.HEAVEY COST OF LIVING but the people incomes are limited.AND their is no proper electric power so many states has no electric power .this all are problems why their no gud ruling in india.india is developing country when india develop.i want to change my country some times iam feel and cry myself to see our country position.

05-Oct-2012 09:23 AM

Comment Dear Sir,

Ms Jayalalitha recently sent back Sri Lankan football team from the state of Tamil Nadu. Besides this, recently there were group of Christian pilgrims from Sri Lanka who were allowed to be restisted by some locals.

This is certainly not in interest of Indian foregin relationship, image and interests.

What do you think about these issues with respect to Ms Jayalalitha's performance as Cheif Minister.

Dinesh Kumar Bohre
18-Sep-2012 01:55 AM

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