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Shiny Petals of Supani in September Rain

Last evening, when I was busy returning to my flat, watchman stopped me to hand an enveloped handbook that was couriered to me. The moment I held it, there was a sudden increase of positive feeling with in me. There was an urge to unfold and feel the pages of the handbook. This gift must have been send by a person who loves me was an immediate feel from my heart.
The handbook named Shiny Petals has captured my imagination and feeling immediately such that I was completely lost into it as I entered my flat back from the office and was going through petal by petal, poetically woven by Supani that was unmasking shininess in my eyes.
Shiny Petals starts with a magical and a unique foreword by Mr. Atreya Sharma, who stamps the philosophy of life by sampling couple of poems from the Shiny Petals.
The Shiny Petals is a collection of poems from the genre, “Wings – Rekkalu in Telugu”. Each Rekkalu of six lines took me deep within myself and made me ask several questions.
For instance, below Rekkalu kept me on the same page for several minutes.
I know everything
I don’t know anything
Light, is the
flower of knowledge
Almost when the fourth line is read, impatience creates to learn the answer to this eccentric positions in life and the last two lines as wanted, lights the mind to the path of learning.
Another enlightening Rekkalu that will stay within me forever is,
doesn’t move
or stop
or end
No Solution
It tempts me to focus on resolving issues than talking about or sleeping with it and makes me ask to myself what I really wanted out of life? It creates a magnetic effect to be on alert to face every issue that arises in life as I make progress.
Another Rekkalu from Supani that freed me from the past is,
How long
This lamentation?
Learn to laugh
With no time lapse!
End point
Above Rekkalu is an eternal petal in the shiny petals versed in his own style by Supani and layers and layers of multiple interpretations could be made to arrive at the ultimate truth.
It is hard to believe that Shiny Petals is a self-translation from Telugu by Supani. It looks like a collection from the English poet. It is a double treat for Telugu and English readers as it contains both the versions.
Rekkalu is new for me but Supani is not! He is a senior writer in Indian Journals and a much loved person on various literary websites. It is a biggest surprise to me that he has not shared his Wings with us using which he looks to enlighten us. May be, he would start now!
Thanks for the beautiful gift, Mr Purushotama Rao Sir! With Love.
[Shiny Petals [Wings Bi-Lingual Poetry] by Supani has been published by Sahithi Sudha Publications, Guntur and availabe for Rs. 60/-].


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