Nowhere - Flash Fiction.

He stopped walking. Something said stop.

A voice said don't go there they are killing. Killing whom, he asked and who are they?

The voice did not answer. Only the voice said. Don't walk further, they are killing. The voice persisted. The voice talked, then whispered. They are there, waiting for you.

He was still not walking. He stopped in his stride, and started going back slowly. But where was home. He had come to a nowhere place because he was Nowhere. Nowhere. But some were everywhere. Some people were talking about the world ending. He laughed. He had ended, long before the world, but now he stopped going ahead, he was reverting to Nowhere.

Nowhere is everywhere the voice said. In nowhere you find half men half animals.

Is it Mars? he thought.

The voice laughed. That is outer space, this is inner space. In inner space, the voice continued you can go everywhere and nowhere.

I want to go everywhere I said.

But you first have to go nowhere, the voice coolly said.

Who are you? I demanded.

I am nowhere, the voice said, but I can also be everywhere. Right now I have entered your soul, and I am going to manipulate your soul. Do you pray? the voice asked.

Sometimes, I replied, when I need it.

You have to pray, the voice said, nowhere and everywhere. Nowhere travels souls to untenanted destines.

And everywhere? I asked, curiously.

Everywhere, is the next step after nowhere. In everywhere you get positive energy in the soul,and in nowhere you search for it. I will continue to be with you till you see a light. Once you get a glimpse of that radiant light, I will leave you; the voice said.

Leave me now, I demanded.

No the voice said.

Yes I shouted.

The voice remained quiet as a shadow.

Ever since, I had been living with nowhere. I look towards a possibility of going everywhere. But that voice, does not leave. In the meantime beware they are continuing to kill. Stop short in your track. Tread softly on nowhere, before you go everywhere, otherwise they are killing. Then the child will cry and the dog will howl.


More by :  Ananya S Guha

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