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Arif woke up bleary eyed. This was not his house. It was swarming with people.

'Dad' he asked 'what is curfew?'
'It is a situation when you can't go out'.
'Why?' he asked.
'Because it is dangerous.'
'What is danger?'
'When you maybe killed'.
'Because people want to kill'.
'Because they don't love'.
'What is love?'
'When you think and feel for others'.
'These people here do they love?'
'But why are they here?'
'Because some people don't love them'.
'Some people'.
'But who?'
'Some people'.
'Dad, do you love'.

I HATE he thought. I hate.

'Yes, of course'.
'But why are we here?'.
'Because we love'.
'But where is mother?'
'She is not well. She is in hospital'.
'Can I go and see her'.
'Not now'.
'Why ?'
'Because you can't' he shouted.

Weeping, Arif went to sleep. A crowd was approaching silently. A loud speaker said something. Section 144. He looked at Arif. He was still sleeping- peacefully. He was muttering something in sleep. When will I lose this boy? he thought.


More by :  Ananya S Guha

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