Stress and Yoga

One of the causes of failure in stress management in individual and global life is relegating the concept of yoga to mere physical postures, breathing techniques, kriyas and dietary control - hyped and sold for mere petty personal gains or gratification of ego! This way we cannot manage the individual and global stress; in the form of deception, deceit, delirium, delusion, despondency, despair, defeat, degeneration, degradation, destruction and devastation!

This trivialization and vulgarization of yoga is largely because of the influence of reductionist and individualistic way of life; revolving around petty personal benefits. This is not unnatural and we need not condemn ourselves for this. However we have the great opportunity, choice and privilege to explore, understand, appreciate and practice yoga in its essence and entirety; as explained below. 

Yoga is a connection between right and left cerebral cortex and yoga is also the connection between metabolic, endocrine, autonomic and central nervous activities. It is an overall ascending and integrated process of global perspective, thoughts, emotions, instincts and actions leading to; individual and global blossoming in every sphere of life. Thus it cannot be separated and isolated from:

1. The perspective of global unity and harmony,
2. The thoughts and policies of global welfare,
3. Motivation and concern for global welfare,
4. Mutually gratifying and satisfying instincts
5. Activities conducive to individual and universal blossoming!

Yoga in this sense; largely embodies inner changes (external measurable or countable individual physical benefits being secondary). It becomes possible primarily and principally; by being in its core viz. Namasmaran. The other measures, procedures and techniques (including those in hathayoga) are adjuvant.

We have a golden opportunity to study, practice, propagate and universalize Namasmaran and verify this; irrespective of our country, religion, ideology, race, tradition, conventions, customs etc; and irrespective of what we think and feel; we are!   


More by :  Dr. Shriniwas Kashalikar

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