Hung Parliament.

My friend looked at me resignedly.

'Now, once again Didi has done it' he said.
'Done what?' I asked innocuously.
'Backed out of the Government of course' he said snappily.
'Why, again?' I asked
'This is what she does, doesn't she, always blackmailing'.
'But that is politics' I sighed.
'Look my friend, we need stability'.
'Don't worry' I reassured. 'Things will continue. The UPA has always something up his sleeve. You think that the SP and BSP will withdraw support. Not at all. They have their axes to grind. Soon they will ask for Ministerial positions'.
'No, that is not the solution' he said. 'We need stability. Outside support will not do'.
'What is this outside support?' I asked
'My friend' he grit his teeth.
'Outside support is supporting from outside'.
'And inside ?' I asked.
'Inside means supporting unconditionally. Inside support is unconditional, outside is conditional'.
'I am not satisfied with this distinction' I said.
'That is what it means' he said with a vehemence.
'OK OK I got it'. ' Now, tell me ' I said. ' What will happen if the BSP and SP withdraw support?'.
'Then we will have a hung parliament I said'.
'OK then go and hang it' I said.


More by :  Ananya S Guha

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