Devamanohari is in search of genuine happiness. Who is she we will know during the course of this narration. She is advised to meet Swami Ratyaananda. Swami Ratyaananda is from the school of Osho. He preaches nirvana through the medium of sexual intercourse to his devotees. He currently runs an Ashram in the outskirts of Bangalore. He is a good orator and has command over our scriptures and is proficient in English, Sanskrit, and all the four important south Indian languages in addition to Hindi. He many times owes himself his success to his ability to converse in so many tongues. His clientele includes all sections of the society- from ordinary citizens to prominent politicians and the elite. 

Swami Ratyaananda mixes Vedanta with sex so delightfully that all his devotees become delirious by mere mention of his name. Like many current commercial spiritual gurus he is adept in managing his finances. He is running a grand spiritual, no, financial empire. He is confident of himself and is ruling his life as he desires. He is not interested in visiting or settling abroad. The bitter experience of his guru Osho made him wise and realize, that of all the countries in the world India is safest for people like him.

Osho made enemies through his unrestrained preaching of sex as the instrument for nirvana. He angered the majority religious heads of the USA with his undiplomatic behavior there. Swami Ratyaanada is aware of this. He does not want to beget the miserable state of his mentor of suffering jail terms, being kicked out of the country of his adoption, name, fame and money, and being refused asylum by all countries.

Osho had to return to India, which country he criticized or even despised, and thanks to the unnecessary graciousness shown by politicians of that day got reprieve in India and of course died not as a spiritual guru but as one battered by destiny. It is interesting how such a powerful guru who mesmerized everybody was never able to really comprehend the essence and greatness of Indian spirituality and succumbed to cheapness, carnal pleasures, in their preaching and spread. It seems all this made Swami Ratyaananda more matured and he is very careful and selective in his amorous adventures. Though many beautiful women like to be his companions, he is cautious in such dealings.

This story describes his (mis-) adventures with a beautiful actress. That is our Devamanohari. Devamanohari is a successful cine actress. She is now twenty seven years old. She is very beautiful with proportionate body with all curves, elevations and depressions in their place. Swami Ratyaananda is enamored of her. Devamanohari is also a professional like the Swami. So Swami’s encounter with her has not been so smooth and easy.

Like all other persons of her tribe, Devamanohari has everything but an intimate person to love and be loved. All her relationships are guided and dictated by her profession where calculation but not passion is the chief thing. All human-beings crave for affectionate words, conversations and deeds from loving hearts. When it is missing, they with false hopes, turn to drugs, drinking, companionships or commercial spiritual gurus for happiness, peace and solace. Here also they do not like to shed their egos and the clever spiritual gurus cater to their egoistic mind intelligently. Of course, this is the professional secret of all the commercial spiritual gurus.

But Devamanohari is made of different stuff. She is in search of real happiness and is shrewd. Through the pomp, show and intelligent preaching of the Swami, she could, like Divine Swan, separate water from milk. The Swami is also not young. Kanya varayate roopam, which means girls crave for handsomeness in men. That is missing in our Swami. His strength is his oratory powers and discourse abilities on intercourse. Devamanohari wants aesthetic enjoyment and not mere mechanical movements.

Actually a young song writer in the film industry has appealed to her but he is too low in status. Her popularity is so high and her earnings so huge that she could not settle for him. Her heroes are booze lovers and do not have the aesthetic temperament and give pleasure she is looking for. Sweet conversations delivered through loving hearts are her requirement. She is also adept in music and dance and adores poetry. Our Ratyaananda is a big zero in these aspects. But he is struck with flower arrows by Cupid.

Devamanohari is obedient but not obliging. Her acquaintance with the Swami is six months old. During this period she understood all aspects of the Ashram and the Swami. Her interest with the Swami is dwindling. But she is cleverly managing so that the Swami does not know her within.

One day the Swami has become desperate. When both of them are alone, he revealed himself. Devamanohari has the blood of courtesans in her. She is capable of alluring and avoiding her clients. Then she started preaching the Swami the real spirituality and the need for control and shedding of carnal desires. Ratyaananda became mad with desire for her and the preaching and her unconcern for him annoyed him immensely. When he decided to rape her, Devamanohari made friends with him by promising a beautiful moonlit night experience and escaped present attempt.

Men exhibit naivety in dealings with women. Especially for sexual favors, they will be in a state of beggars and sheepishly and slavishly believe women. Women know this and use this mantra when they do not like the man and experience with him. This is the bane of nature to men and boon to women. Devamanohari intuitively is aware of this and utilized the nature’s gift to her.

Devamanohari is disappointed that she is not able to get the happiness she is craving for and Swami Ratyaananda is miserable in not being able to enjoy carnal pleasure with Devamanohari. Swami all these days has been a modern Krishna but Devamanohari has turned out to be the elusive Radha. Despite his popularity, wealth, name and fame and knowledge of the sadhana he is preaching, Swami has not been able to seduce Devamanohari successfully.

Any attempt to be joyful without commitment and responsibility will ultimately lead to sorrow and misery. We being famous, rich or beautiful have nothing to do with this. Only our sincere cultivation of love and relationship gives us the required happiness and fulfillment. Merely craving for intercourse without the merger of the hearts is not the path of salvation. Heart plays a major role in these matters. Emotions are fulfilled in the exchange of sweet and pure hearts. In the cultivation of a harmonious and beautiful psychological relationship lies the secret of happiness, peace and bliss.

Both Swami Ratyaananda and Devamanohari are leading their lives in dejection despite richness and attractions. This is the wonder of fate and destiny.

Note: This fiction was written a year back. Similar incident has taken place in India recently which is much highlighted in the media.


More by :  Dr. Varanasi Ramabrahmam

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